Installing a swimming pool: average cost, when to order it, shell or hard, 5 things to know before investing

Advice from Stéphane Figueroa, General Manager of Fluidra France based in Perpignan and President of the Federation of Swimming Pool Professionals.

It’s the beautiful season and with it the return of moments of relaxation in the pool. Around 90,000 were sold in France in 2021, according to the Federation of Pool Professionals (FPP).

“France is a very dynamic market,” explains Stéphane Figueroa, Managing Director of Fluidra France, a subsidiary of the Spanish group headquartered in Perpignan, and President of the FPP. In fact, with 30,000 swimming pools, it is the leading European market, well ahead of second, Spain.

1. How much does it cost?

According to FPP data, the average cost of a swimming pool is €25,000. “That’s the price of an 8 x 4 meter pool,” specifies Stéphane Figueroa. Everything then depends on the choice you make: an inset pool or a brick pool. “Choosing a brick pool is about 30% more expensive than building the shell.”

2. What type of pool?

So you have the choice between a shell construction pool or a brick pool. Besides the price, there are other things that make them stand out. “The decision for a bowl is quicker. But the downside is that, being an industrialized product, you don’t always have control over the shapes. It’s standard.”

3. When to order?

This is the most sensitive point. Contrary to what one might expect, in the spring it is already too late. “Ideally, the process should start in September or October,” emphasizes the President of the FPP.

An investment that enhances your property

The swimming pool market has become highly democratized in recent years. “In 2017, most of those who invested in a swimming pool were retirees. Today it is the employees, whose share has increased by 15%,” notes Stéphane Figueroa, President of the professional association. Another interesting number: 3000. This is the average monthly income in euros for a person who has a swimming pool built. The swimming pool has also become a means to increase the value of one’s property. “The swimming pool is a real estate investment that increases the value of the property by 20%.

“If you’re told it’s possible to order your swimming pool today for delivery this summer, run away, it’s not serious”. In absolute terms, the deadline for the complete delivery of a pool ready for use is “July 15th at the latest”.

4. By whom?

Stéphane Figueroa has a sharp opinion: “The only thing to check is whether the person with whom you are investing in a swimming pool has the label prop pools“. This is the “guarantee of dealing with a real prosince the market is faced with a qualification problem” which will also “take care of all the related procedures such as the declaration to the public administration allowing to benefit from the ten-year guarantee”.

5. Which security system?

A secure installation is mandatory. “That helps protect children under the age of 5.” The choice consists of different formulas whose cost ranges from €300 to €20,000 depending on whether it is a classic alarm, an automatic cover, a barrier or a shelter. “The advantage of the shelter is that it can heat the water or keep it warm.” But “an animal shelter in our region is not absolutely necessary”.

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