It’s behind the wedding photo

Pietro Lombardi and Katja Krasavice recently posted a wedding photo, which caused confusion among fans. photo: instagram/pietrolombardi

With their new Instagram photos, Pietro Lombardi and Katja Krasavice caused a sensation. The musicians can be seen standing under an arch of roses and hugging each other familiarly – the two are dressed in a suit and a glamorous wedding dress. The alleged wedding photo captioned the photo: ‘This feeling is new to both of us.

Former ‘DSDS’ winner Pietro previously shared a photo on Friday showing two intertwined hands – a gold ring is adorned on the ring finger of the presumably male hand, the female-looking hand is also pretty with surprisingly long fingernails and one fitted with a large gold ring.

Now Katja and Pietro have finally revealed what the questionable marriage hints were all about: It was all part of a promotional campaign for their single “You’re My Heart, You’re My Soul”. Dieter Bohlen is also involved in the new song. How could it be otherwise – as Lombardi’s adoptive father and composer of the original version. With “You’re My Heart, You’re My Soul”, Bohlen launched the worldwide career of his “Modern Talking” duo in 1985.

Pietro Lombardi and Katja Krasavice announce joint single

On Sunday, Pietro posted a snippet of the music video for the new song, which is due out May 5, to his Instagram account. It features rapper Katja Krasavice, dressed in a low-cut wedding dress, singing into a dangling camera in a heavily distorted voice. After a few lines, the image zooms out and would-be groom Pietro Lombardi appears beside her.

With the words “You are my heart, you are my soul”, he is just beginning the chorus when another surprise guest appears on the stage: And that’s none other than Dieter Bohlen. The music producer is dressed as a priest and wears a gold chain around his neck with a glittering “D” hanging from it.

Fans are not surprised – “it was so clear”

The announcement doesn’t seem to come as a surprise to many fans – some of whom had already cracked the couple’s secret and knew there hadn’t been a real wedding. “It was so clear,” a follower commented below the clip, which racked up over 10,000 views within minutes. “I knew it. Who marries a cappie anyway?” another fan wrote alongside a slew of smiley faces.

There are also a few famous personalities in the Instagram comments column: “I have a lot of questions,” wrote DJ and music producer Jan Leyk, confused. But at least musician Momo Chahine seems enthusiastic: “Too wild,” he commented alongside some flame emojis.

Collaboration with Dieter Bohlen

Not only does the collaboration of the two musicians inspire fans, but also the surprise appearance of Dieter disturbs some of them. “Dieter expected zero now,” wrote one surprised user.

Since their time together at “DSDS”, Pietro and Bohlen have maintained a very special bond with each other. the The two have been friends for 11 years and see each other regularly. In the meantime, there were even rumors about a common TV format for the two.


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