Kremlin mourns ‘real heroes’: another Russian general killed in Ukraine

The Kremlin mourns the “real heroes”
Another Russian general killed in Ukraine

In the war against Ukraine, Moscow loses another senior officer. Russia confirms the death of Major General Frolov, he is buried with military honors in Saint Petersburg. According to kyiv, he is the eighth Russian general to be killed in Ukraine.

Another Russian general died in action in Ukraine. Major General Vladimir Frolov, deputy commander of the Eighth Army, was buried with military honors in Saint Petersburg on Saturday, Russian media reported. The city governor, Alexander Beglov, took part in the mourning ceremony.

Beglov called Frolov a “true hero”. The general died “a brave death in battle against Ukrainian nationalists”. “He gave his life so that the children, women and elderly people of Donbass would not hear the bomb explosions anymore,” the governor said, according to a report in the Kremlin-affiliated Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper.

It is not known under what circumstances Frolov died. It would be the first funeral of such a high-ranking soldier in Saint Petersburg since the start of the war on February 24.

“I came home the right way”

Prior to the invasion of Ukraine, the 8th Army was stationed in Rostov Oblast in southern Russia. Army commander Lt. Gen. Andrei Mordvichev was killed March 18 in an airstrike on Chernobaivka airfield near the occupied city of Kherson, according to Ukrainian sources. Russia has not confirmed his death. In late March, Russian state television showed footage showing Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov meeting Mordvichev in Mariupol. According to the ntv/RTL verification team, the recordings are from Mordvichev, but the time cannot be verified.

The Kyiv government has yet to comment on Frolow’s death. The Armed Forces of Ukraine shared a photo of Frolov’s grave on Twitter and wrote, “Another occupier has returned home the right way.”

Ukrainian media are now reporting that a total of eight Russian generals have been killed in Ukraine since the start of the war. So far, Russia has only confirmed the death of the deputy commander of the 41st army, Andrei Sukhovetsky. As in the Frolov case, there was no official information about the place and circumstances of his death.

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