“Les Geissens”: It’s now official – “An era is ending”

“Les Geissens”: It’s now official – “An era is ending”

The Geissens: This is how Robert and Carmen became rich

The Geissens: This is how Robert and Carmen became rich

They are probably the richest TV family in German television: the Geissens. But how did Robert and Carmen Geiss become so rich?

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Every era ends at some point. Not only for the Geissen family, the Geissensche domicile in Monaco had also become a home for spectators over the years. The fantastic view, the swimming pool… Davina and Shania grew up here. Robert and Carmen quarreled and made love in the noble abode.

But now the signs of the times are pointing to change. The Geissen family to move out. In separate apartments. Davina and Shania leave the parental nest. And Robert Geiss and his wife Carmen are also reorienting themselves.

The Geissens leave their family home after 15 years

In recent weeks, RTL2 viewers have accompanied the millionaire family leaving their family home. The four lived together in the apartment for a total of 15 years. And it became an exodus with obstacles.

Robert in particular seems to have trouble parting with his business, everything has been carefully considered, some things just couldn’t be worked out.


Here are the goats:

  • The Geissens are a jet set family from Cologne
  • Carmen Geiss and Robert Geiss have been married since 1994
  • The entrepreneurial couple have two children: Davina (18) and Shania (17)
  • Since 2011 they have their own TV show on RTL2 called “Les Geissens – une famille terribly glamorous”
  • Over the years, the family appears to have made a considerable fortune


The Geissens: Carmen Geiss comments on Instagram! That’s what she has to say

But now the time has come. Monday evening (April 18), all of Germany will experience “how an era ends in Monaco and the Geissens leave their family home after 15 years”, says Carmen Geiss on her Instagram account.

Anyone who knows the Geissens knows that chaos is inevitable. Carmen also confirms it: “Spectacular action is planned…” Well, we are curious about that. However, anyone who is already looking forward to seeing Robert dragging the washing machine into the moving truck will be disappointed. Of course, the millionaires organized a moving company.

You can find out how things are going in Monaco and whether the move will end in disaster on Monday evening (April 18, 2022) at 8:15 p.m. on RTL2.

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In recent years, we have seen Davina and Shania Geiss grow. Meanwhile, the two are no longer little girls and want to do their own thing. The two blondes are also becoming increasingly active on social networks. Robert and Carmen Geiss’ eldest daughter recently uploaded a photo to Instagram. Will Robert let the DAS pass?

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