LIGUE 1 – Neymar (PSG) alive again, Poussin (Bordeaux) plucked, Delort (Nice) in beams: the tops and flops of Day 32


  • The Neymar that Paris likes to see
There wasn’t much tinsel at the Parc des Princes (2-1) this Sunday. But the boring PSG-OM won by the Parisians was enlightened by one man’s talent: Neymar. His talent and his drive. A clever call and spectacular gesture punished Pau Lopez’s risky exit at the opener. Then the Brazilian star was behind a silky exchange with Kylian Mbappé and Lionel Messi.

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“We don’t play Playstation here”: Pochettino, the anti-Sampaoli?


Neymar in particular didn’t stop there. It is also his ability to repeat efforts in attack as well as in defense that illustrated his physical return to first. This will not diametrically change the face of his 2021-2022 season, nor that of PSG. But this Sunday Neymar lived up to his status as a global reference who tends to wither away.

Neymar is back this time: ‘He shouldn’t be buried’

  • Camara, timely return
There is the art and way of signing a comeback after being sanctioned for disciplinary issues. Rather than tiptoe, Mahdi Camara opted for a fanfare return with Saint-Etienne, for whoever shines all the light on himself. With a rather surprising brace from a defensive midfielder, twice from set pieces, Camara signed his name for the Greens’ success against Brest (2-1) to revitalize his club towards maintenance. “He celebrated his return after his week of penance. It shows that this boy has an incredible temper“, Pascal Dupraz congratulated after the meeting. In any case, he knows how to forgive himself.

The joy of the Stéphanois after Mahdi Camara’s goal against Brest, Saturday 16 April 2022. / Ligue 1

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  • Delort, the double and the chambering
OGC Nice needed it. The Aiglons beat Lorient (2-1) on Sunday despite not having won in the league since March 5 and their win against PSG (1-0). Two draws and two losses later, Andy Delort helped put them back on track with a brace. Christophe Galtier’s men are fourth after 32 days.

Their predictable striker is a diesel: Delort’s ten goals in Ligue 1 with the Riviera club came in the second half. He’s also a good customer. The former Montpellier player started a statement in next Wednesday’s derby against Monaco (6th): “Now, of course, we want to see a Louis II stadium full of… from Nice. Otherwise it is seldom the case.”

Andy Delort after scoring a penalty for Nice against Lorient in Ligue 1 on April 17, 2022

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  • Poussin and the Bordeaux goalkeepers, it’s awkward
Between injury, a drop in performance and tensions with the fans, it was time for Bordeaux to give Benoît Costil a breather. A bad for a good? Not really. Gaëtan Poussin, his successor, has shown general fever in his field since his inception as proprietor. A lack of confidence was evident this Sunday against OL (6-1). The new regular player initially unscrewed a free space on the head of Toko Ekambi to counter the goal, before a few minutes later he timidly repelled a center from Malo Gusto. Lucas Paqueta only had to equalize with a puncture and the Girondins were 3-0 down at half-time. A goalkeeping problem that doesn’t help Marine et Blanc’s defensive mistakes: 77 goals conceded in 32 games. breathtaking.

Gaëtan Poussin (Bordeaux) against Lyon

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  • Last in class in chess

Saint-Etienne made the big deal of the weekend. In fact, ASSE is the only team between places 9 and 20 to have won a game on its 32nd day. The four draws of the Multiplex on Sunday largely froze the positions and apart from the Greens, there were no headers in the second part of the table. Is it the problems at the end of the season that tense the players? While maintenance is likely to be played with a very low score given the disastrous seasons of Bordeaux and Metz, legs tighten and the show doesn’t suffer as the bottom twelve teams in the rankings have scored…11 goals this weekend. Sad.

  • Strasbourg has cracked (again).

In recent months, Strasbourg has only won by a small margin. When Julien Stéphan’s team led 1-0 in the 84th minute, everything seemed normal. But a poorly played ball from the defense landed at Yoann Touzghar. The latter missed his shot and caused chaos with Mama Baldé, who was eventually broken by Lucas Perrin in the penalty area. Penalty, 1:1. In the category “Slightly stupid lost points at the end of the meeting”, Strasbourg does not make it straight away. On the last day against OL, Straymen had enough to end the game and were punished by Karl Toko Ekambi in the 90th (final score 1-1). At the beginning of March, the Alsatians conceded an equalizer in the 84th (1-1) in an archery-dominated encounter in Reims. Scattered dots here and there that weigh these last days.

Troyes and Strasbourg parted directly this Sunday (1-1).

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  • Angers, a salmon that doesn’t convince

The fashion for headless jerseys in baroque colors is far from the standards of clubs looking for new audiences. In this new wave of fortuitous successes, the Angers third kit, released by the SCO during the draw in Nantes (1-1), falls more into the tunic failure category. The colour, pale orange tending toward salmon, is a very far cry from the SCO’s historic colors (black and white). So why so bold? The press release states that this kit celebrates Anjou’s heritage. Maybe celebrate Anjou. Celebrating good taste, not sure.

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“There was no atmosphere”: the strange stillness of the park


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Neymar is back this time: ‘He shouldn’t be buried’


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