LIVE – Presidential D-6: “The far-right candidate is hiding from the people,” says Macron

“Smear campaign”: Laurent Jacobelli denounces Emmanuel Macron’s strategy

Three days before the debate between the two rounds, Marine Le Pen’s confidants raise their voice against Emmanuel Macron.

“He’s a surprise candidate. He said vote for my good looks. Well, we saw thanks for the candidate this morning on CNEWS.

Emmanuel Macron compares Marine Le Pen Le Pen to Viktor Orbán in his constitutional projects

While Marine Le Pen wants to increase the use of referendums in the event of an election, Emmanuel Macron refutes this vision.

“I have a deep division with the far-right candidate. I am in favor of constitutional reform that respects the constitution. She proposes a constitutional reform without respecting the constitution. It’s done very well in Hungary, it’s done by hand.” denounced the President this morning on France’s culture.

“A presidential election is not worth a regime change. Once elected, it is implicit that it is superior to the Constitution, it is serious,” the candidate is still judging.

Terminal appointed Matignon in case of Macron’s second term? “That’s not the issue at all at the moment,” sweeps the interested party

While there were rumors in several press articles that Labor Minister Élisabeth Borne could be appointed to Matignon in the event of Emmanuel Macron’s second term in office, the person concerned rejected the hypothesis on Monday:

“I don’t think that’s the issue at the moment, we have a second round in a few days, I’m really focused on Emmanuel Macron’s re-election, it’s really a defining moment I think for our country. , for our democracy, for the French,” kicked the minister on BFMTV-RMC.

“We want to balance the pension system,” defends Élisabeth Borne

“We want to balance the pension system. Unlike Marine Le Pen, we are not trying to fool the French into thinking that we could work less without paying more taxes or having lower pensions,” said Labor Minister Élisabeth Borne, a guest of BFMTV-RMC, on Monday.

“Of course we take into account the situation of those who started working early,” added the minister, defending the pension reform desired by presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron.

Police violence: Emmanuel Macron does not know “a police officer who is committed to confronting the people”

Emmanuel Macron returned to the clashes between the yellow vests and the police.

“Was it necessary for so many compatriots to believe for so many weeks that it was the right thing to go out and break in with weapons (…)? I don’t know any gendarmes or police officers who face the people.” , is the verdict of the President this morning on French culture.

“It’s as if cohorts of cops with LBDs rushed onto the street (when I hear about police violence,” the candidate continues.

353 Yellow Vests were injured in the head, including 30 blinded, according to journalist David Dufresne’s count.

“I didn’t think enough about ecology,” admits the President

Emmanuel Macron continues his offensive on environmental issues to convince voters of Jean-Luc Mélenchon.

“I developed with the thought of ecology, I didn’t think about it enough. I need to know the theory to be able to develop a vision later,” explains the President this morning of French culture .

“The far-right candidate is hiding,” accuses Emmanuel Macron

The presidential candidate takes a stern look at his opponent as he plows the ground in recent days.

“The far-right candidate is hiding from the people. In the end, we rarely see many people who defend the people discussing with the people. They have a level of verbal violence that would surprise them if they made contact,” Emmanuel Macron said on Monday on France Culture.

Emmanuel Macron sees “a lot of fear and tiredness” in the French.

The President returns in detail to the context of the elections in an interview with France Culture, 6 days before the first ballot.

“There is a lot of fear and tiredness. It is this deep substrate in which we will live in the years to come and which structures this campaign. (…) We have lived the unthinkable with the pandemic for 2 years and with the return of the war in Europe,” propagated Emmanuel Macron this morning on public radio.

Marine Le Pen will travel to Caen

The RN candidate heads to Caen today for that final straight before round two. Marine Le Pen received only 11% of the votes in this city of Calvados, behind Emmanuel Macron (32%) and Jean-Luc Mélenchon (28%).

So far, she has focused her travels on countries that overwhelmingly voted for her. After a meeting on Thursday in Avignon, which cheered rebellious France in the first round, Marine Le Pen wants to meet the French, who she doesn’t like.

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