Marine Le Pen no longer accepts the idea of ​​banning the wearing of the veil

Marine Le Pen met a grandmother along the way. In Pertuis, in the Vaucluse, on Friday April 15, the candidate of the National Rally (RN) was arrested in front of cameras by a woman in a white headscarf, Fatima Benmalek, 70 years old. “It’s a sign from the grandmother”, supported this resident of Algerian origin. Marine Le Pen argued with the oppression of women in certain neighborhoods, including “young girls”while she denies the words of her confidante that veiled women are Islamists themselves.

His interlocutor said she was not convinced of that World : “It’s still Islam and hijab, but the harkis came back with their veils. Everyone has their choice. If Marine Le Pen is against the veil, why is she taking selfies with veiled women? »

A little further on, another older woman with her hair covered was outraged by the candidate, who had repeated on BFM-TV that morning that it was him “essential” to ban the wearing of the veil despite the basic freedoms protected by the constitution.

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The next day, after her U-turn in three days on a possible referendum on the death penalty, Marine Le Pen reiterated that the veil ban was no longer the be-all and end-all in the fight against Islamism. “I’m not blunt”, she fell on Saturday in Saint-Rémy-sur-Avre (Eure-et-Loir). Instead, she returned them “complex issue” to the ” Discussion “ in Parliament, then to popular judgment by imagining that “Citizens could repeal this law if they are not satisfied” through a citizens’ initiative referendum.

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During the first week between the two rounds, Marine Le Pen was affected by this controversial measure. A political obstacle for the far-right leader who wants to calm the left. She who announced, as on Thursday in Avignon, that she [retirera] Right to every Frenchman”, distinguishes the Muslim woman from the robe in his speech. goal “The Islamist Uniform” without attacking those who wear it and fined them: not enough to convince the mayor of Béziers, Robert Ménard, who has now withdrawn from the campaign of Marine Le Pen, who criticizes “a mistake” impossible ” to implement “.

dead end

With this general and absolute measure, France would be the only country in the world to ban the veil in public places. Polled on France Inter on Tuesday, Marine Le Pen was in favor of it “Mr. Bourguiba had banned the veil in Algeria” (actually in Tunisia). But in the 1980s, the Tunisian President banned the wearing of the veil in public institutions and administrations. Not on the street.

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