Microsoft wants this new feature that gamers will hate

On the tracks ofElectronic Arts, Microsoft really want to add a new function in his Xbox games, to the greatest detriment of the players who didn’t ask for anything. While she is hardly introduced it is already terrifying all users of the XBox console fleet. Will Microsoft make the same mistakes as EA again? explanation.

Xbox: not so free games

The greatest mode of the current video game is certainly the free-to-play model. This is a development style where the game is available to the consumer for free but internally has multiple types of microtransactions or revenue-generating devices. This can be done by purchasing cosmetic products offered in-game League of Legends and Fourteen daysor Boost to progress faster in the game, as has become fashionable for games by Ubisoft or Electronic Arts. This economic model is very controversial but also very popular because it is very efficient, even if it is still relatively little present on the console market.. And with that comes another scourge of video games: advertising.

If you’ve ever played a mobile game, you’re a fan of this system: You watch an advertisement and get a bonus. Well, Microsoft would be interested in pushing the concept even further including advertising placements in the XBox free-to-play games. The company is currently working with adtech companies that have already worked with other names such as EA or Hi-Rez to develop a system to display real advertising posters in XBox games. Discussions started several years ago, and until now the advertising has almost always been extra-diegetic, meaning it didn’t exist in the game’s narrativeElectronic Arts has already tried the experiment several timesMicrosoft announces that paid games will not be affected by this internal advertising system.

EA: the king of in-game advertising

This isn’t the first time a company has attempted to incorporate advertising into a game, and Electronic Arts is king. Development is expensive and all means are good to make it profitable. Since 2003, some games already offered visible in-game advertising boards, e.g counterstrike From where Battlefield 2142. The controversy has returned to the fore with titles like Smith, NBA 2K From where UFC4 in 2020 and provides a close-up of a very brief ad for the series The youngand EA did it again Battlefield 2042 in December 2021 when the game was still full of bugs. However, after the UFC 4 controversy, EA announced that it no longer intends to re-implement advertising in this style. A promise that didn’t last long.

But is it really a problem? Each of these occurrences caused a lot of grunting from the players, since they have no choice but to evade this advertising broadcast directly in the game, which is completely outside of the immersion it offers, especially if the advertising is unrelated to the game in question. However, The question does not arise when it comes to sponsoring a football matchas FIFA which has to change its name right now because of a similar problem or car simulation games like the last one Gran Turismo 7. On the contrary, These titles want to be closer to reality and these candid ads help with that. Finally, we could also talk about product placement or indie games. When Hideo Kojima gave us a close-up of Norman Reedus drinking monster cans death strandingmany applauded the Creator’s genius. 2K Games even made fun of it in a DLC borderland 3, where expensive spams brutally appeared in front of the player. If you reflexively broke it with a melee attack, you pay, and it was expensive…

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