Mystery Revealed About Haus Vulkan’s Mysterious Illusion Wall

from Benjamin Grundken
Elden Ring is still full of mysteries a few weeks after its release. The nearly indestructible Haus Vulkan illusion wall background has now been clarified by a community member. Apparently the devs had a reason not to attach them to an event trigger.

Not all secrets are revealed in Elden Ring after a handful of moves or events. Worth mentioning here are the much-discussed illusion walls that can be destroyed with a mighty blow – or not. An illusion wall in the Vulkan house is one of those cases where you can still attack so boldly and nothing seems to happen. Apparently, because the wall will eventually give way if you work on it long enough. It therefore appears to many as indestructible. Now a Youtuber explains the background.

In fact, the illusion wall has 9999 hit points, which then requires quite a bit of damage. It can be 50 moves, for example, or even more if there is still room for skill improvement. In fact, as dataminer and modder “Zullie the Witch” explains, all illusion walls in the open-world game have this life value. The fact that others dissolve into video footage or only need a hit to pop them is explained by the event trigger. Triggering certain events resets in-game hitpoints. However, the Vulkan Building Legendary Illusion Wall does not have such an event trigger. Players still need to have enough patience to deal the damage needed to bring down the wall.

There is also an explanation for the missing event trigger. Slimy Snake Snails lurk behind the Illusion Wall in the Vulkan House – and once you’ve destroyed the wall, they can follow you from the hallway behind it into the house’s single-story rooms Vulkan. In this area, it is so that you cannot perform attacks to leave the NPCs staying in the rooms unscathed. We would be at the mercy of slimy snake snails without any protection. In this context, it seems realistic that From Software deliberately removed the event trigger.

Source: Zullie the Witch via PC Games

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