Nathalie Volk reveals intimate details about Frank Otto

Too much information? Obviously does not know Nathalie Volk. During a Q&A on Instagram, she decided to divulge details about her sex life.

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There has recently been a stir over his private life. After all, Nathalie Volk has had four relationships with three different men over the past two years. How it works? After the 25-year-old split from Frank Otto at the end of 2020 after five years together, two new partners entered her life relatively soon after.

Above all, the relationship with Hells Angels rocker Timur Akbulut caused a stir. She has spent much of the past year in Turkey with manslaughter. Then in October 2021 the surprising separation, shortly after the announcement of the engagement. She then cuddled Frankfurt entrepreneur Sammy Levy on vacation in early 2022. Photos of the Maldives then spoke a clear language.

“Only with Frank”: Nathalie Volk on her sex life

But it has been clear for a few weeks: Nathalie Volk is back in the hands of Frank Otto. The 64-year-old mail order heir appears to be his former and now new partner, so to speak. And the ex-GNTM contestant is apparently having a lot of fun with it – even in bed. Because the model has now unpacked her sex life in an Instagram story. His fans should ask him questions, people answered.

Nathalie Volk also answers intimate questions on Instagram. (Credit: Instagram/MirandaDiGrande)

The most piquant question of the conference: “Have you ever had an orgasm?” Instead of deftly ignoring them, people chat away from the box. His unequivocal answer: “Only with Frank”. Will Timur Akbulut and Sammy Levy turn away in shame at these intimate details? Not clear.

But between the 25-year-old young woman and her 39-year-old billionaire friend, the chemistry seems to be there. As early as 2017, she spoke to the broadcaster RTL about certain preferences that she and Frank Otto share: she likes to get outfits “in an erotic shop”, she said at the time. “Sometimes we have fantasies there,” Volk continues. In the latest round of Instagram questions, she doesn’t go into detail, only saying when asked what she loves most in men: “manners.” A virtue that Otto seems to bring with her.

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