NFL: Deebo Samuel, AJ Brown

Munich – In the current offseason, which many pundits call the craziest in NFL history, there is still no peace.

As “ESPN’s” Adam Schefter reports, several star receivers are considering a possible boycott of the roster if they don’t also receive a new market-focused working paper.

These are mainly former second and third round picks in 2018: Deebo Samuel (San Francisco 49ers), AJ Brown (Tennessee Titans) and Terry McLaurin (Washington Commanders, 3rd round). All three are entering their final year of contract with their teams and are eligible for a contract extension.

According to the report, the trio are also not participating in their teams’ voluntary off-season training programs and are awaiting the start of possible contract negotiations. McLaurin, who is considered one of the leaders of the Commanders, would be present at the start of training on Monday but will not participate in the sessions.

Payday for wide receivers

While the 49ers, Titans and Commanders are likely to be very interested in extending their outstanding artists, the question will be at what cost. All three are among the best players in the league and could demand a mega contract.

Because with Tyreek Hill (four years, US$120m) and Davante Adams (five years, US$140m), not only were the absolute top stars in the position showered in cash, but average players were also massively overpaid. .

Because rotation players like Christian Kirk (four-year-old, $72 million) have also driven up receiver prices enormously, teams have little means to lower the price and must pay the demanded sums or more.

Deebo Samuel has already caused a stir in recent days by deleting all 49ers-related posts from his social media profiles. As a result, he even received death threats from some fans, which he defended himself against.

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