Patch notes for Update 4.0 are here – voice chat and more

The next big update for “Battlefield 2042” is just around the corner. Before the 4.0 update can be downloaded from tomorrow Tuesday, we will inform you about the most important innovations.

No less than 400 improvements and bug fixes are included in the new Battlefield 2042 update. Electronic Arts revealed in detail the changes coming today, Easter Monday.

Finally communicate with teammates

The most important innovation is undoubtedly the voice chat. With the addition of VoIP functionality, players can finally communicate with their team members. You can choose between two channels (Party and Squad). To change the settings, the user must select “Options” → “Sound/Language” → “In-Game Chat” from the menu.

Along with this feature, there are plenty of balance tweaks planned. Specialists are among those affected: Rao and Paik will receive updated traits and Sundance’s “Smart Charges” ability will be improved. This will make their anti-tank shells more effective. In addition, the development team took care of the vehicles.

Another novelty: with the latest update, EA DICE has revised the dashboard. Once the 4.0 update is installed, the updated board UI will also appear at the end of the round.

There are also weapon changes. Now the essays should stand out more from each other, as many of them looked too similar until now. EA wants to encourage players to try out more weapon attachments.

Other general improvements at a glance:

  • Several improvements to kill assists.
  • Damage assists trigger at a lower damage threshold, improving consistency and clarity.
  • EMP Grenades now trigger assists more reliably.
  • Assists can now trigger when a teammate kills an enemy and one of them was covered by your smoke.
  • EMP effects no longer linger on screen.
  • Equipping a weapon attachment from the menu may reset weapon customization in certain scenarios. This mistake is a thing of the past.
  • Fixed a bug that caused saved player customizations to reset after joining a server.
  • Simplified hotkeys for chat and VoIP.
  • Weapon swap for Gunner is now properly bound to the hotkey.
  • Added aircraft and helicopter sensitivity settings to the options menu.

The developers also tweaked the matchmaking. So, from tomorrow, relevant information can be seen on the player map screen. Also fixes a bug where the player entered a loop that eventually sent them back to the lobby. The same goes for calling “remove friend” if a party was disbanded before joining.

Other improvements relate to the following areas:

  • “Battlefield Portal”
  • his
  • fashions
  • AI soldiers
  • characters in general
  • animation
  • HUD

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Detailed patch notes can be found in the official Electronic Arts article. EA DICE has thoroughly reviewed and improved every aspect of the game. Either could give the online shooter another shot. However, the community will have to wait a little longer until new content is added: Only in June Season 1 is about to launch, which could introduce at least one new map and more.

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