Pochettino distances himself from Sampaoli and comes to the aid of Donnarumma

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Last night, in the cozy atmosphere of the Parc des Princes, Jorge Sampaoli was one of the few trying to breathe some life into the sad Clasico between PSG and OM. That didn’t stop Mauricio Pochettino from winning the Argentine technicians’ game before openingly discussing the huge differences between the two coaches. The opportunity to defend his calm and serene style against a volcanic sampaoli.

“That’s a bad idea from the coach. I don’t think a coach should jump or yell in his technical area to make his players hear more. Often it even has the opposite effect. The peace of mind of having a game well prepared, when the players know what to do, puts the staff and coach at ease. Before that, we’re more nervous when we have to explain things that aren’t clear and that we have to pass on to the players on the pitch. But I’m not like that,” Pochettino explained before adding a punch line. “I don’t play with a joystick. Like many others play Football Manager on Playstation at home. We don’t play Playstation here, it’s professional football,” Pochettino emphasized.

Pochettino does not overpower Donnarumma

The PSG coach who also had to defend Gianluigi Donnarumma, the Italian goalkeeper who played a very complicated game in the Paris cage. “I am happy with what Gianluigi is doing. The returns are not linear over a season. He has been at a very good level for many months. It is clear that we have two goalkeepers at a very high level. Keylor was hardly out of his international injury back and hardly trained with the squad yesterday. We’ll see who plays the next game. There is no special case related to goalkeepers. They are like the others and therefore have their ups and downs. All players are prone to errors,” explained Pochettino.


Mauricio Pochettino, the PSG coach, fully addresses the total difference in coaching between him and Jorge Sampaoli. The Parisian technician also returned to the very complicated meeting with Gianluigi Donnarumma, who was again the author of a big mistake.

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