Presidential. Marine Le Pen and Emmanuel Macron in “Seven to Eight”: What They Said

The two presidential candidates for the second round, Marine Le Pen (RN) and Emmanuel Macron (LREM), were invited. seven to eightthe output of TF1, Sunday April 17, 2022. They took turns answering various questions from Audrey Crespo-Mara. voice what is to be remembered.

Any regrets in this campaign?

The two candidates were asked if they regretted this presidential campaign. “The Brutality of Emmanuel Macron”replied Marine Le Pen. “This is not helpful”, according to her. She whips them “contempt” he did for the French, according to her.

Regarding the rally from Marion Maréchal to Eric Zemmour, the RN candidate explained that this is the case ” difficult “ but it was necessary “Forget Personal Feelings”. However, she is not ” not sure “ from “The positive impact of Eric Zemmour” on his campaign.

For his part, Emmanuel Macron claims not to have done so ” No regret “. “I fought as much as I could and I presided as much as I had to”, he summarizes. On the presence of Marine Le Pen before him, as in 2017, he explains it as follows: “Extremes play with fears. The extremes have not diminished because they have fed on crises. »

Your last presidential campaign?

Audrey Crespo-Mara also asked the two candidates if this was their last presidential campaign.

” It is possible “replied Marine Le Pen and continued: “I don’t project myself into it because I really believe I can win. »

Emmanuel Macron prefers not to do that “Project” In this scenario. “You don’t have to be fully committed” Think about it, he said.

How do you look forward to the debate on April 20th?

While she will face off against her competitor during a televised debate on Wednesday April 20th, Marine Le Pen has been invited to return to the debate between the two rounds of 2017. “I haven’t seen him again. […] because I’ll never see my shows again”, she explained. However, it concedes ” Mistake “. “For me, failure is sometimes a kick in the butt. I failed and got up again”She adds. “My mother was more traumatized than I was when I saw the violence that followed this debate. »

Emmanuel Macron awaits him from the debate between the two rounds of clarification on his competitor’s program. Conversely, he believes that his program “win to be known”.

Presidential. Marine Le Pen and Emmanuel Macron in “Seven to Eight”: What They Said

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