Rewe in NRW: Sunflower oil price shocks customers – ‘duped’

Rewe in NRW: Sunflower oil price goes beyond new dimensions – customer panics

Rewe: the success story of the supermarket chain

Rewe: the success story of the supermarket chain

The Cologne-based Rewe Group is one of the largest distribution groups in Germany. This does not only include the Rewe supermarket chain. This also includes Penny, Toom, Billa in Austria, DER Touristik Germany and Lekkerland.

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The hunt for sunflower oil reweAldi, Edeka and Co. has taken absurd forms in recent weeks.

After the outbreak of the war in Ukraine, customers of supermarkets and discounters massively hoarded “liquid gold”. The shelves at rewe, Aldi, Edeka were therefore empty for a long time. Today, the products continue to appear – albeit at significantly higher prices. This is why the hat cord of a Rewe customer from North Rhine-Westphalia bursts.

Rewe in NRW: Sunflower oil price drives customers crazy

“It doesn’t matter how much you buy: you won’t get a penny from me for anything anymore,” the Rewe customer scolds over a liter bottle of €4.49 sunflowers at a Cologne market .

Another customer agrees with the review: “Are you still kidding customers?”

Rewe promised the customer to take a closer look at the offer. This award is currently not uncommon.


It is rewe:

  • Rewe was founded in Cologne in 1927
  • At that time, 17 purchasing cooperatives came together
  • The name derives from “Revisionsverband der Westkauf cooperatives”.
  • There are approximately 3,300 Rewe branches (as of 2020), many of which now offer a delivery service


Not just at Rewe: Sunflower oil prices shock customers

An Aldi customer was recently surprised by the price of 4.99 euros for a bottle of sunflower oil at Aldi-Süd. “And I thought toilet paper was valuable,” the customer wrote, referring to hoarded toilet paper at the start of the corona pandemic:

“We can understand the anger about this. Unfortunately, the various challenges that have existed in recent months and which have become even more important affect the purchase prices. We bear the additional costs ourselves as long as possible, but if this is no longer possible, we must adjust the sales prices. If the purchase prices fall again, this will also have an effect accordingly,” explained Aldi on the high prices.


Other NRW reports:


The high demand for sunflower oil after the outbreak of the war in Ukraine caused major supply bottlenecks. Rising energy prices are now also leading to higher prices.

That’s why some restaurants in the Ruhr area have now removed the launch cord (more on that here!). (a.k.a)

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