Sanctions because of the war in Ukraine: more and faster

RThe United States is defying the sanctions and, seemingly undeterred, is stepping up its deadly attacks on Ukraine. However, the surprisingly open statements of the head of the Russian central bank, Elvira Nabiullina, on Easter Monday, show that the sanctions imposed by the West are not ineffective, even if they have so far mainly affected the financial system and the main currency providers. , oil and gas, were spared.

The boss of the central bank is now shamelessly preparing her compatriots for heavy economic losses, a technological regression and very high price increases. The threat of sanctions lawsuits also signals that the costs are now being felt at all levels and that the regime must strive to gain acceptance by making visible to the outside what it is doing to protect its citizens.

This should prompt Germany and the EU to tighten sanctions more quickly: shorten the transitional period of the coal embargo, now also impose the oil boycott that has been publicly envisaged for some time and at least partially withdraw gas revenues through tariffs.

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