Sofia Goggia – homophobic statements in an interview? Outrage spreads

Criticism also came from Italian politics – allegations of homophobia against the skier were strong. “After Sofia Goggia, a homosexual man is not in a position to contest a departure”, declared Ivan Gasparotto, Secretary of State at the Ministry of the Interior.

The Streif in Kitzbühel mentioned by Goggia is considered one of the most difficult and dangerous running tracks in the world.

In the interview with “Corriere della Sera”, in which the past Olympic season was more in the background, the 29-year-old also mentioned the possible participation of transgender people in the World Cup.

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“It’s like that in sport: a man who turns into a woman has physical characteristics – also at the hormonal level, that allow him to perform better. So I don’t think it’s fair,” Goggia said. .

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In addition, the downhill World Cup winner spoke about equality between men and women in skiing. “I think women have to fight for their rights. That also includes ‘equal pay.’ But women are women and men are men,” Goggia explained, adding, “I don’t like when it is said: the woman has eggs. Why do you have to judge me for something that I do not have and that I do not have?

Goggia apologizes on Twitter

Goggia apologized on Twitter on Sunday, including for her comments about gay people, after she also received strong criticism online.

“I am sorry and apologize to anyone who felt offended by the sentence,” Goggia wrote, saying her statement “should definitely not be discriminatory.”

Goggia added a rainbow flag as a sign of tolerance for gays, lesbians and transgender people.

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