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Dragon Ball Super Chapter 83 Summary

After the first images of Chapter 83 of Dragon Ball Super, here is the full synopsis that we share again on the Kanzenshuu forum. This 83rd chapter entitled “ Bardock vs Gas 2 will be officially released on April 20th on online reading platform MANGA Plus and on April 21st in the new issue of V-Jump magazine in Japan.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 83 Summary

– Gas creates mass to keep attacking Bardock.
– Monite asks Bardock to abandon him and Granola to their fate and run away. Bardock refuses.
– Gas tells Bardock that the Saiyans don’t have much time left even if he runs away (Elec told him that).
– Bardock gets angry and tells Gas that they are the ones with no future. He then fires a ki sphere at gas.
– Gas dodges him and attacks Bardock with his mace. Bardock stops him with his arms, but he’s badly damaged.
– Bardock grabs the mace and throws gas away from the area, then tells Monite and Granola to leave.
– Bardock: “This is my fight and you’re in it!!”
– Gas is fed up with Bardock’s pesky attacks, so he decides to let his “instincts” run wild and change his form (but he hasn’t reached his “Broly” form yet).
– Monite goes to his house and takes out the 2 Dragon Balls. While it’s forbidden to use them for their own good, Monite thinks it’s okay to use them on someone from another planet.
– Bardock is upset that he fought someone who can change his battle power, Gas tells him his power doesn’t work exactly that way.
– Gas tells Bardock that he has to surrender, but Bardock says no. Bardock is happy to fight someone strong.
– Gas and Bardock continue to trade attacks. In the distance we see “Torombo”, the dragon summoned by Monite.
– Monite asks the dragon to send Bardock back to his home planet.
– Torombo contacts Bardock and tells him that he will send him to the planet Vegeta at Monite’s request.
– Bardock does not know what is going on and who is talking to him. Torombo explains that he is a wish-granting dragon. Gas wonders who Bardock is talking to, then sees the dragon in the distance.
– Torombo tells Monite that Bardock turned down the request. We see how Bardock says that Saiyans will not run away from their enemies even if they are about to die.
– Bardock and Gas are still fighting. Monite telepathically speaks to Bardock and asks him to leave as Bardock can help others as he did him.
– Bardock refuses again, he will not leave until he defeats Gas.
– Monite then asks Bardock if he has another wish as he wants to help him no matter what. Bardock wonders if Monite will ask for a shooting star’s wish (he hasn’t seen the dragon yet).
– Bardock: “Well then, yes…may my sons grow up well…I wish them the best of luck””
– Elec, Maki and Oil watch the explosions of the fight between Bardock and Gas. Suddenly, in the distance, they see a light that rises up into the sky and then splits in two.
– You wonder what it is since the light appears in the area where the Namek’s house is located. Oil makes a wish, Maki tells him it’s not a shooting star.
– Elec tells them not to worry and get Frieza’s ship because it will arrive soon.
– Monite looks at the sky as the Dragon Balls leave. He then looks at Granola, who is still asleep.
– Monite: “Wishes should be used to give hope for the future. Selfish desires bring only ruin. I almost made a big mistake. Now I must focus on protecting that hope.”
– Gas hits Bardock with Ki Balls. Bardock fights back, but falls to the ground in the end, very tired.
– Gas approaches him and grabs his tail, then shakes Bardock and finally pulls his tail off with force.
– Gas: “You can’t turn into a giant ape anymore!!”
– Gas creates a spear with his powers and throws it at Bardock, but Monite stands in the way and the spear goes through Monite’s shoulder.
– Monite: “I’m sorry for what I did before. I decided I had to protect granola on my own.”
– Gas infuriates and unleashes his instincts at 100% (he takes his “Broly” form). Gas attacks the two violently, Monite crashes into rocks.
– Gas grabs Bardock by the neck and tells him that he no longer has the Namek to protect him. He also tells Bardock that he will find and kill the child.
– Bardock laughs and tells Gas that things should not be decided without relying on others. He won’t die until he defeats Gas.
– Bardock creates a large ki ball in his hand and makes it explode. Gas lets go of Bardock who starts attacking Gas repeatedly, it looks like Bardock has regained his strength.
– Gas asks Bardock why he keeps fighting if he can’t win if he’s doing it to atone for his sins. Bardock says no.
– Gas then asks Bardock if he’s doing it out of revenge, Bardock again says no.
– Gas is angry and demands an answer from Bardock. Then he attacks Bardock.
– Bardock: “Of course it’s obvious. When you’re fighting to the death, what idiot thinks about anything but ‘winning’?”
– An aura covers Bardock’s body, then he effortlessly stops the hit of gas. Then Bardock hits Gas hard in the stomach.
– Bardock: “The only reason I fight is to see if I can beat the other bastard that’s standing against me. That’s all I care about.”
– Gas wonders what’s going on, how is it possible that Bardock has gotten stronger when the Saiyans have no choice but to transform into giant apes.
– Bardock: “You may not know that. When we push our limits, we often evolve. We Saiyans”
– Bardock keeps attacking Gas. Elec watches the fight from afar.
– Bardock loads a Ki Ball into his hand, this will be his final attack. He then throws it at Gas, who completely takes over the attack.
– Gas falls to the ground unconscious, he has regained his normal form. Bardock also falls to the ground, exhausted.
– Elec walks up to his brother, looks at him and tells him to practice more. As Elec is about to gather gas to leave, he sees that Bardock is still alive.
– Bardock asks Elec if they are Frieza’s allies, Elec laughs and asks Bardock if he knows what Frieza is really up to.
– Elec: “Kukuku… You Saiyans are lucky. A meteor could fall near you.”
“Bardock doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Elec tells Bardock that now that he heard it, he must die and shoots Bardock with a gun.
– The shot goes through Bardock’s right arm, then Bardock falls off a cliff into a forest.
– Elec wants to finish off Bardock, but Maki calls him and tells Elec that Frieza’s ship has arrived.
– Elec shoots several times in the area where Bardock fell and gasses away because Bardock was injured so badly that he will die even if Elec doesn’t kill him now.
– Monite arrives where Bardock is and starts healing him (although he is also injured). Both and granola survived.
– Monite: “You win, Bardock!”
– On the final page, we see Bardock’s scouter shutting down, a sign that Elec has gone far enough for the scouter to no longer detect him.

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Dragon Ball Super is a Japanese animated series produced by the Toei Animation studio that aired in French on the Japanese channel Fuji TV from July 5, 2015 to March 25, 2018 and on Toonami since January 17, 2017. The series continues some time after Majin Buu’s defeat, beginning with the reshoots of the films that hit theaters in 2013 and 2015, Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods and Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection of ‘F’, before ending with the unprecedented. Dragon Ball Super is also being adapted as a manga, drawn by Toyotaro and pre-published in V-Jump Magazine in Japan since June 20, 2015. A first Dragon Ball Super film based on Broly was released on December 14, 2018 in Japan and March 13, 2019 in France. A second film is slated for release in Japan in 2022.

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