The current situation as of April 18

If you want to get yourself a PlayStation 5, you should keep an eye out for all the vendors: Alternate, for example, offers the console on sale from time to time! You can find restocking updates here.

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The Playstation 5 is probably the most coveted game console on the market today. As a result, she is often with Suppliers such as Amazon, Otto, Müller and Co. sold out.

PS5 restocking at Alternate

The wheel of fortune also spins in Alternate. On April 18, there were three mega bundles in the lineup that sold out within minutes. All bundles are currently sold out. But it is worth watching:

>> Check current PS5 availability on Alternate

PS5 again available on Amazon?

But you don’t have to give up hope for a new console just yet: it’s becoming increasingly clear that a PS5 restock will also be available on Amazon later this week. Here you can directly check whether it is available again.

Buy Playstation 5 digital edition

You should also keep an eye out for the PS5 Digital Edition now. Check this page regularly:

PS5 restocking: all potential resellers at a glance

There are also rumors that Saturn, Media Markt and Co. will soon be restocked. Recently, traders have changed their minds to “Available again soon”. We’ll keep you posted and also keep an eye out for other retailers:

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