The JLC family that Tanti, Nabilla, Maeva… Fired from Dubai? That is serious !

For several years, Dubai has become the country of asylum for most reality TV contestants and influencers. Nabilla and Thomas Vergara, Jessica and Thibault Garcia, Jazz and Laurent Correia, Maeva Ghennam, Magali Berdah, Benji Samat, Maddy Burciaga, Manon and Julien Tanti, Marine and Océane El Himer and so many others… They all left France for themselves settle in the city of emirates. The reason ? Sun, luxury, security, but above all… The total absence of taxes! Holy savings for these social media stars brewing hundreds of thousands of dollars. But living there comes at a price, and unfortunately these expats don’t seem to want to pay it. In fact, unlike our country, Dubai is far from being a democracy and the rules there are very strict. In particular, about the way of dressing, behaving and even living intimacy at home. And too much is too much for the government, which no longer wants the negative image of these celebrities.

Only a few could stay

As a reminder, cohabitation, drugs and alcohol are strictly prohibited in Dubai. Oh and… “Homosexuality is severely punished by law with long prison sentences”. Yes, you are not dreaming! The workers you see through the stories of your favorite influencers are also being exploited. They live in camps, up to 6 people to a room, without passports, have no right to relationships with women and work colossal hours a day for… barely 150 euros a month. But all these laws don’t seem to worry our dear candidates who are living the good life in Dubai… Well, not for long! Indeed, according to the blogger skyrestv, their antics, their clashes, and their drug tales would greatly spoil the picture and tranquility of the city. The authorities therefore want to expel those who do not behave properly.

Skyresstv Instagram Account

After the revelations of skyrestv In his Instagram story, the government would have found a plan to deport her. In fact, those who do not own businesses in Dubai would no longer have the right to live there. Behind this strategy is above all their disastrous behavior for the image of the emirate, that the following names are on their way out. Indeed, Maeva Ghennam, Jazz and Laurent Correia, Julien and Manon Tanti, Magali Berdah and even Nabilla would be in the government’s hot seat and blacklist. On the other hand, according to the blogger, Benjamin and Maddy Samat, Jessica and Thibault Garcia or even Stephanie Durand, quiet families and far from the dramas, should not be affected by this forced exit.

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