The Mercedes EQXX Concept drives 1,008 km on a single charge!

The Mercedes EQXX Concept promises 1,000 km of autonomy. To prove that this is possible, the style study has just pulled off a feat.

All concept cars promise dizzying numbers. This is especially true of electrical studies that promote amazing autonomy that no one can ever verify. Except in the Mercedes EQXX Concept, which proves that its 1,000 km (and more) are not just announcement effects.

Mercedes EQXX concept

8.7 kWh/100 km average for the Mercedes EQXX Concept

Starting from the research and development center in Sindelfingen near Stuttgart, the futuristic concept of the Etoile brand made its way to southern France, with the city of Cassis as the end point. That’s a little over 1,000km of driving on a single charge.

In the end, the Mercedes EQXX Concept crossed the finish line after exactly 1,008 kilometers on the road. And this without running out of fuel, since at the end of the exercise the battery had a 15% charge available for 140 km of additional autonomy. Total consumption: unbeatable average of 8.7 kWh/100 km.

Mercedes EQXX concept

Technology for the Mercedes of tomorrow

Statistically, the Mercedes teams state that the drive took exactly 12:02, including 11:32 hours of driving. An almost non-stop ride, during which the concept of street legal remained “near speed limits”, with a maximum of 140 km/h in Germany. At the end, the average speed is 87.4 km/h. Which remains very realistic on such a long course.

Because the Mercedes EQXX was not content with just walking on the asphalt of the Autobahn. The route included some detours over alpine passes and towns to multiply the driving and climate conditions. Thus, the temperature range was between 3 °C and 18 °C, while the sunshine allowed the photovoltaic roof to recover 25 km from the 1,008 km of road.

The electric car that exceeds the symbolic mark of 1,000 km of autonomy is now a reality. Or almost, because the EQXX is still just a laboratory and has been developed as such with exclusive materials and technical choices. But even without a crystal ball, we can safely say that a good part of its characteristics will be found on the brand’s future electrics.

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