The new Google Wallet with Google Pay

The unexpected often comes. Google indeed seems to have planned the launch of its new portfolio for Android smartphones for next May. In any case, we expect a presentation of the new Android app there. At Google’s own I/O developer lounge. It’s all the more likely that a whole series of screenshots have just surfaced. There we see the new Google Wallet and learn some first interesting details.

The screenshots, which Mishaal Rahman again posted first, show the new app called Wallet. It is therefore a digital wallet that can contain digital means of payment, tickets, gift cards and transport tickets (train, plane, etc.). There will certainly be others in the future, everyone is sure of that. The part for contactless payments will continue to be called Google Pay, according to information available so far.

At the moment it’s probably mostly a new GUI and branding. Thus, the range of functions is still no different from the old Google Pay. A few days ago the new wallet logo appeared, which is also reminiscent of the previous Google Wallet. Of course, the focus is on the colors of Google, which everyone knows.

Your new digital wallet on the Android phone

Google has recruited new people for the return of Google Wallet and the repeated restart of its payment applications. A brand new digital wallet for Android phones is planned. There was even talk of cryptocurrencies being held in Google Wallet at one point. Possibly exclusively on Pixel phones as they have a separate security chip.

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