These resellers are stocking the console now

Where is the XBox Series X available?

The console is currently at cyberport available with Game Pass. But again and again she has OTTO alone in stock. Here you get the XBox Series X with 1T of memory and three months of Game Pass Ultimate included (however, availability varies).

Buy Xbox Series X on Amazon

The Xbox Series X was temporary at Amazon to get! However, availability fluctuates again. However, you might get lucky in the used category, check here how the situation is today:

Amazon is one of the top choices when it comes to buying an Xbox Series X. The shipping giant regularly releases new quotas, but it’s relatively unpredictable when that will happen. It is therefore worth checking the product page regularly.

Incidentally, you have the best chance as a Prime member, as previous Xbox Series X drops were reserved for Prime customers only. If you are not yet a Prime member, you can also use the service >>just try it for 30 days for free.

Unfortunately, if you want to make the Xbox Series X your own, you often have the same difficulty as all PS5 disciples do right now: Microsoft’s big console model is almost always sold out everywhere and is in high demand. It is therefore a question of being fast if the console is available for a short time. We’ve checked for you the best way to get an Xbox Series X now and so soon restocking at Amazon, Media Markt, Saturn and Co. come.

Available Now: Xbox Series X in Xbox All Access Membership

Xbox All Access is a service from Microsoft that gives you Xbox Series X on loan, including Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for two years – for €32.99 per month. After 24 months, you own the console. This subscription model is currently available through Cyberport, among others:

Buy Xbox Series X at OTTO

If you hurry, you can currently get the Xbox Series X OTTO – bundled with Halo Infinite games and an Xbox controller for 899 euros. Check availability at OTTO here:

Is the Xbox Series X available at Media Markt and Saturn?

The other hot candidates for an Xbox are, of course, the electronics giants Media Markt and Saturn. There have also been isolated Xbox Series X deals in recent weeks. The same applies here: keep an eye out and check availability regularly!

Buy a used Xbox Series X

Another way to get the console quickly is to buy a used model. But fear not, because if you buy them from a trusted retailer like reBuy. Here you get a 36-month warranty on the device, the operation of which is also checked by the store before it is sold.

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