this heavy secret that he hid from his parents and he did it well…

The relationship between father and son is not always easy. This is the case between Thomas Dutronc and his father Jacques Dutronc. Despite the tensions and their past, they never lost touch and even decided to share their passion. In fact, the two men made the decision to tour together. The show is titled “Dutronc and Dutronc”. So they can be found on stage on 40 dates from April 12th. It was an opportunity for Thomas Dutronc to revisit an event from his youth. A big secret that he would have kept from his parents, Jacques Dutronc and Françoise Hardy. We reveal to you his confidential…

Thomas Dutronc confides in a childhood secret

As an artist, this passion is often passed from father to son. This is also the case in Thomas Dutronc’s environment, where music has always been omnipresent. It’s a family matter. However, the 48-year-old singer initially hid this wish from his parents when he was young. He was kind enough to treat himself now to mark the start of the tour Dutronc & Dutronc for journalists Paris match. The full interview will be available in your newsstand on Wednesday, April 13th.

Many mysteries in Thomas Dutronc’s family

Of course, Thomas Dutronc’s father knew that his son played the guitar. But he didn’t know that he sang too. ” What surprised me is that he sings and puts out a record. But he had kept that a secret from me. I still see Vincent, his manager, come and tell me, ‘Thomas’ thing works and he sings really well too.’ Then my eyes widened: ‘Oh, he sings?’ I did not know…‘ explains Jacques Dutronc. Johnny Hallyday and Eddy Mitchell’s pal says he understands why Thomas Dutronc kept the secret.

But maybe he did well not to show his mother that beforehand, because it would be…“, Balance Jacques Dutronc to the journalists. Apparently, his mother Françoise Hardy would not have wanted her son to take up singing because she knew the vices of this difficult environment. In fact, Thomas Dutronc agrees with his father. ” It is certain she would have demoralized me“, he specifies. Luckily, when Thomas Dutronc’s album was released, his mother couldn’t help but recognize the talent running through his veins. ” Yes, she liked my first recordassures the singer. On the second, she didn’t really like a track that became a single. “, he says.

A hit tour

About the father and son tour Dutronc & Dutronc, The two men thought it better to hide the event from Françoise Hardy. ” Most importantly, there must be no leaks about what’s going on, because she’ll say “it can’t” more easily than “it can.”“, explains Thomas Dutronc’s father. The latter nevertheless emphasizes that his mother liked her show at the Victoires de la Musique.

A special bond between father and son

Although Thomas Dutronc doesn’t always agree with his mother, they are very close. Conversely, the relationship between him and his father was not always easy. He was a guest on the show last February passage of the arts on the chain France 2 Here are the comments he made to explain the connections he had with Jacques Dutronc. ” We never spoke to each other, he specified. The singer also added: We didn’t talk about feelings. We did very little together but we lived side by side, we communicated a lot through unspoken and silence. »

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