Thomas Sotto’s swear word

It’s just goodbye… Sunday, April 17, Thomas Sotto shared a focus in the form of a little tirade. The 48-year-old journalist, who can be found daily on France 2 in “Télématin” alongside Julia Vignali, explained why he had decided to quit the Twitter social network. At least until further notice. He, who joined Twitter in March 2010, regularly posted all kinds of messages on the news, slipping a few opinions on the side, often with humor.

“Because the simple act of saying ‘hello’ can provoke a torrent of insults here. Because your kingdom has sadly become one of the easy insults and enduring and annoying slander, we’re going to take a break, you and I, Twitter. Bye for now! (perhaps…)he tweeted. To accompany his message, he released a short video of the now legendary “Goodbye” by Valéry Giscard-d’Estaing, which ended the former President’s televised address on May 19, 1981, two days before he left the Élysée Palace after the handover of power to Francois Mitterrand.

Of course, Thomas Sotto is not the first to be annoyed by the flood of criticism on Twitter. In 2020, Anne-Sophie Lapix had decided to close her account after receiving “a deluge of crap on social media” following her interview with then-Prime Minister Edouard Philippe. In 2018, Karine Le Marchand also expressed her desperation and withdrew from the social network: “Twitter has become such a dumping ground for hate that I no longer have the pleasure of communicating. Ultras of all stripes, abusive, capable of wanting the deaths of those who don’t think like them (while waving the banner of tolerance), make that connection impossible. I don’t want to become tasteless in my choice of words, I don’t want to reduce my thinking, change my humor, become politically correct and deny myself. I will not stop speaking my mind.” she had explained.


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