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Status: 04/18/2022 10:05 p.m.

Pure sunshine: Residents of northern Germany enjoyed perfect holiday weather at Easter. Many have been drawn to the outdoors – including sea travel. And the weather is expected to remain pleasant.

The North Sea and Baltic Sea beaches were full, in St. Peter-Ording and Westerland on Sylt as well as in Scharbeutz and Travemünde. “Today the weather is great and there is very little wind,” said a worker at a café in Norderney on Easter Sunday. There, many islanders and vacationers have been drawn to the western beach to “drag the eggs”. In the East Frisian custom – also called “Eiertrellen” – hard-boiled Easter eggs are rolled from a hill in competition. Hundreds of families gathered for the competition in glorious sunshine.

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Temperatures up to 20 degrees

In Hamburg, day trippers and walkers also took to the water. And in Hanover, the capital of the state of Lower Saxony, many people frolicked around the Maschsee and in the gardens of Herrenhausen on Easter Monday. The temperatures were almost summer with up to 20 degrees. The sun also shone elsewhere in the north on Easter Monday – only a few clouds appeared in the skies of Schleswig-Holstein and Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania.

The sun stays for a while

Even after the end of the public holidays, it will still be sunny in the north for the time being – however, the sun could again be covered with clouds a little more often. From Wednesday it may rain a little locally, but meteorologists are expecting largely dry weather and still plenty of sunshine in the coming days.

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Lifeguards traditionally ring in their guard season with this fun event for diehards. 3 minutes

People sit on the beach and enjoy the good weather.

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Due to the good weather, many people leave at short notice in their mobile homes. After

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