Werder Bremen after a disappointment against FCN already in Schalke 04 mode!

Bremen – Marco Friedl fell to the ground after the final whistle and punched the pitch: it wasn’t just the defender who was frustrated after SV Werder’s 1-1 (0-1) draw Bremen against 1. FC Nürnberg on Easter Sunday. Because the third successive 1:1 makes the promotion race unnecessarily difficult for the green-whites. But even before the fear spread four games before the end of the season, Friedl got to his feet and made a clear announcement at the stadium microphone – encouraged by the supporters of the east curve, who had provided a very special moment at the Wohninvest Weserstadion.

“We’ll be there at Schalke,” the fan promised over a megaphone from his podium in front of the East Stand, looking at the faces of the players. In fact, they only wanted to say thank you to their loyal fans with applause and got more support. The team can really take advantage of this, because on Saturday the second in the table is due to play against Schalke. two points higher than Werder Bremen have the Royal Blues on their account. And since the change of coach, they have knocked everything out. Mike Büskens celebrated his fifth consecutive victory with the 5:2 in the best game in Darmstadt.

Werder Bremen: Ole Werner criticizes performance against 1. FC Nürnberg – ‘Didn’t play well in first half’

Werder Bremen on the other hand, has won only one of the last five games, but is still in a direct promotion spot – one point ahead of third place (FC St. Pauli) and three in fourth place (Darmstadt). Shortly after the encouragement from the fans, Marco Friedl was asked by stadium announcer Christian Stoll how difficult this task would be next Saturday and promised: “We are going to Schalke and we will win the game!”

However, this setting should also be visible from the first minute – and not after the break, as has often been the case in recent weeks. versus 1. FC Nuremberg this was particularly notable. “We didn’t play well, especially in the first half,” the coach said. Ole Werner and listed the individual points of criticism: “We didn’t do a lot of things well in terms of tackling, game control and changes of pace and in terms of protection in the first half.” There were no objections from the players. “We overslept in the first half and fell behind again. This must not happen to us, we are making too many mistakes,” Friedl said angrily.

Werder Bremen draw against 1. FC Nürnberg: ‘It’s now a question of who can handle the disappointment better’

Of 1. FC Nuremberg took advantage of this training SV Werder Bremen. Tom Krauss took the ball from Marvin Ducksch in the Bremen half – albeit on the verge of a foul. Referee Christian Dingert’s whistle was silent. Werner didn’t want to criticize that afterwards: “The referee toed his line and generally applied a generous standard for both teams in the duel. So it’s all good.” Ball thief Krauss brought in game Lino Tempelmann, who could only stop Milos Veljkovic with a risky tackle. This time Dingert whistled – and that was also completely correct. Nikola Dovedan safely converted the penalty to take the score to 1-0 (24th).

And who knows how the match would have ended if goalkeeper Jiri Pavlenka hadn’t prevented the 0-2 against Lukas Schleimer twice later (27’/53′) or if Christopher Schindler hadn’t had more power behind his header (49′). . At least it was Werder Bremen stronger after the break, which was not so much due to changes, says Werner: “We just underlined what we planned to do.” Werner then reacted in terms of personnel, however, and after an hour of play knocked out Romano Schmid and Felix Agu and brought in Niklas Schmidt and Michael Weiser. The latter quickly became the best joker since he immediately made it 1-1 after a nice pass from Friedl (64th).

Werder Bremen coach Ole Werner points out that the point helps SVW more than 1. FC Nürnberg

Huge cheers in the sold-out audience of 40,000 Weser Stadium. Werder fans pushed their team forward – and that created plenty of chances. But neither Füllkrug (74th) nor Schmidt (75th), Weiser (77th) and Christian Groß (80th) put the ball in the goal. Ducksch hits the crossbar with a header from close range (87′). “We had to go through a numerical advantage,” FCN coach Robert Klauß recalled with horror of this special phase, which was reminiscent of a handball match as the green-whites besieged the opposing penalty area.

Klauß therefore found the draw fair, as did his colleague Werner, but also pointed out that Werder were helped more by the point in the table than that. 1. FC Nuremberg. After all, the club still need to catch up to progress. “When I look at the teams in the race for promotion, almost everyone except Schalke 04 suffered a setback this week,” said Werner, indirectly addressing the 1-1 draw at FC St. Pauli in Sandhausen: “It’s okay now. can handle disappointment better Werder Bremen this treatment began immediately after the final whistle – with special encouragement from the east curve. But that’s all he wants to do Ole Werner not to be outdone: “Of course, we have to be at the limit of absolute performance to be able to claim the three points. And it wasn’t us today. In this regard, we will have to improve. » (kni)

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