Werder Bremen scores against 1. FC Nuremberg: Marvin Ducksch weak!

SV Werder Bremen again drew in the lead game: it ended 1-1 against 1. FC Nürnberg. Bremen players in the individual review – with ratings.

Jiri Pavlenka: Saved Werder several times from a bigger deficit as they are simply strong one-on-ones. Best Bremen! Level 1.5

Milos Veljkovic: Unfortunate performance from the centre-back, who couldn’t cope with the tactics on the right and the very forward full-back Agu. His sliding tackle against Tempelmann, who had broken through, was then too risky and resulted in a penalty. level 4

Christian Gros: Not as confident as in recent weeks, there was sometimes a lack of coordination with colleagues. But the chief of defense remained calm, won important balls and pushed his team again and again and only narrowly missed the 2:1 after a show of force. Footnote 3

Marco Friedl: After breaking his nose in the St. Pauli game, he wore a mask and still had a good view of Werder’s free man. Strong as he set up Weiser’s 1-1. Luckily his slide didn’t lead to 0:2. He gave it his all and accepted his ninth yellow card to prevent the 1-2. 2nd year

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Werder Bremen scores against 1. FC Nuremberg: Marco Friedl strong – Leo Bittencourt sometimes scary, sometimes good

Félix Agu (up to 60th place): More wingers than full-backs on the right should attack early up front. This was only partially successful. His crosses were often not precise enough either, except in the 26th minute, which Bittencourt did not know how to use. I had to make way for Weiser after an hour. level 4

Nicolaï Rapp (until the 80th): I have traveled a lot, but I have not always been able to close the center as a six. Too conservative in the structure of the game, at least combatively very neat in passing. level 4

Anthony Young: On the left initially much more defensive than Agu. But he still had his attacking moments and also a good chance that goalkeeper Mathenia countered. Overall decent performance. Footnote 3

Leonard Bittencourt: What an ebb and flow of the captain. Frightening scenes were followed by powerful action. After 26 minutes he had to make it 1-0, but missed miserably. Also dipped from time to time. Actually a candidate for a replacement, but was allowed to stay and later helped in the assault on Bremen. level 4

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Werder Bremen in notes against 1. FC Nürnberg: Everything is bad with Marvin Ducksch, Mitchell Weiser a real revival

Romano Schmid (until 60): He did not want to succeed in the first half, almost all the balls were gone. But the Austrian didn’t give up, fought his way into the game, played well for Ducksch and was narrowly stopped on a counterattack. It wasn’t just him who was surprised that he had to come down after an hour. Level 3.5

Marvin Ducksch (until 90th+1): It was not his day at all. Almost everything went wrong for Werder’s top scorer – with the crowning achievement in the 87th minute when he headed the ball from close range at the crossbar. Before that, his bad pass in midfield had even led to the supposed 1:2, which then didn’t count due to offside. level 5

Niclas jug: He did only slightly better than his goalscoring partner Ducksch. However, he also received many clues from his colleagues that were hardly usable. Tried everything to force victory. level 4

Mitchell Weiser (60+): What a prankster! Scored just five minutes after being substituted and showed his class as a player. He almost made it 2-1. It was a real revival on the right. 2nd year

Werder Bremen in notes against 1. FC Nuremberg: the Joker Niklas Schmidt pulls the strings

Niklas Schmidt (from 60th place): This joker almost stung too, but Mathenia reacted brilliantly. Schmidt pulled the strings for Bremen’s ‘handball game’ around the Nurnberg penalty area. Footnote 3

Ilia Gruev (from the 80th): Like against St. Pauli with a great chance to score the game-winning goal, but he only came out on a shot. Grade –

Eren Dinkci (from 90.+1): Should always have the lucky break, but there was no more opportunity for it. Grade –

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Werder Bremen line-up with Marco Friedl and Anthony Jung: Here’s what the starting XI looks like against 1. FC Nürnberg

Update (April 17, 12:30 p.m.): It is now the line up of SV Werder Bremen the! Coach Ole Werner has changed his starting XI against 1. FC Nürnberg from the previous week. All of the first eleven and everything related to the game can be found here live ticker!

Bremen – The SV Werder Bremen versus 1. FC Nuremberg Easter Sunday at the Wohninvest Weserstadion: Which composition does coach Ole Werner choose:? This is what Werder’s starting lineup could look like against the “Club”!

It almost seemed like Niklas Schmidt still had big plans. In any case, there was hardly any other way to explain why the professional of the SV Werder Bremen largely celebrated the goal celebration in the final training session on Saturday. And so, to the mockery of his teammates, he slid across the lawn on his knees and pushed his arms away from his body. A scene somewhere between football simulation and the Champions League. Schmidt had therefore ensured a good mood on the pitch – that his deposit also put him in the Starting XI of SV Werder against 1. FC Nürnberg (Sunday, 1.30 p.m. in the DeichStube live ticker) is rather unlikely.

Werder Bremen’s line-up against 1. FC Nürnberg: Who does coach Ole Werner count on in Werder’s starting line-up?

The main personnel concerns relate to SV Werder Bremen to know the story again. Yes, the renewed absence of Ömer Toprak (calf injury) weighs heavily, but otherwise the coach is happy Ole Werner the luxury of sound line up to be chosen from the full team. And that makes it harder for players on the bench. In all parts of the team. For example, there are many indications that the chain of three from the previous week will also be that of Easter Sunday. Marco Friedl is now on the road in a mask after suffering a broken nose, but also had no qualms about heading into the final unit. As a result, he should once again be alongside Christian Groß and Milos Veljkovic in the Werder starting XI defend. On the left wing stands Anthony Young Again available after his suspension for yellow card, Mitchell Weiser and Felix Agu face off on the right – with slight advantages for Weiser, who has already been preferred to the position on several occasions under coach Werner.

more than two Deployment options Bremen head coach also in defensive midfield. After being substituted against St. Pauli (1-1), Ilia Gruev had some outstanding scenes and even narrowly missed the winning goal in the final phase. In the starting lineup of SV Werder Bremen However, admitted Nicolai Rapp, who, after a cold in preparation, was obviously not yet in full possession of his strength. But according to Werner, this deficit has been filled. “He has progressed now, trained without any problems and is fully operational again,” the 33-year-old said on Friday. A renewed use from the beginning is therefore against the 1. FC Nuremberg pretty sure.

SV Werder Bremen starting XI: This is what Werder’s line-up should look like against 1. FC Nürnberg

The same goes for the attacking quartet of Werder Bremen. There is no getting around the hitting duo Marvin Ducksch and Niclas Füllkrug anyway, behind them Romano Schmid has long since become a fixed point in the system. This also applies to Leonardo Bittencourt, who has recently given his best again in Hamburg, but despite preparing for goals has repeatedly remained largely inconspicuous. And maybe it’s Niklas Schmidt’s luck against him FCN in the Starting XI obtain. He would at least have the right goal celebration ready. (mbü) Read also: Nuremberg sports director Dieter Hecking in an interview: “Top favourite! Werder Bremen have the best team!”

Werder Bremen line-up vs 1. FC Nürnberg: This is how Werder’s starting XI should look like against FCN.

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