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A video of the lawyer and activist, which is supposed to document a staging between the rebellious MP and the outgoing president about the situation of the company Ecopla, has reappeared in the past few days. “CheckNews” had already dealt with the topic when it was first published in 2019.
Question asked on Twitter

You asked us about a 2019 video released by lawyer and activist Juan Branco that claims to provide evidence of a staging between MP France Insoumise François Ruffin and presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron. The video with the title “[EXCLU] How Ruffin and Macron staged their rivalrywhich was originally posted on Juan Branco’s YouTube channel in 2019, has again been massively shared by several major Twitter accounts since April 16th. expressed surprise to some. Some in particular posted it in response to this a video by François Ruffin, in which he declares that he will vote against Marine Le Pen on April 24th.

CheckNews had already been brought three years ago to specify the context of this exchange between François Ruffin and Emmanuel Macron, which – according to Juan Branco – was supposed to prove a staging of their rivalry.

The conversation between the two men was actually recorded on September 12, 2016. It was therefore not exclusive when, in 2019, Juan Branco proposed to publish it, since it had already been broadcast by Radio Nova. At the time of the exchange, François Ruffin was then the newspaper’s editor-in-chief fakirand director of the film Thanks boss! Emmanuel Macron, former economy minister, will declare himself the candidate for the presidential election two months later. Here is their exchange about the situation of the company Ecopla, which was threatened with closure at the time.

Francois Ruffin: I think when we think about strategy, you must be strongly and publicly challenged by Ecopla staff, it will be an episode. And then you respond to that by saying: “I’m ready to move locally, well it was a second episode.”

Emmanuel Macron: ok ok […] First, we discuss the file. Second, we’ll keep you updated on the progress. Third, you, you are publicly challenging me. Fourth: We set a travel date together. October 5th or sometime in late September and we’ll see how we communicate it together.

Francois Ruffin: And I think we’re going to get out of here unhappy…

Emmanuel Macron: Yes. saying “You signed up”… There.

Francois Ruffin: All of that is it.

The sequence was recorded in September 2016 at Emmanuel Macron’s campaign headquarters, where François Ruffin, accompanied by several Ecopla employees, arrived to defend the aluminum company’s cause, which was then threatened with closure.

“In early September, a dozen employees went to Paris for three or four days and we toured the campaign headquarters together. So we went to Macron.” had explained CheckNews Sylvain Laporte, François Ruffin’s parliamentary assistant, three years ago.

“A Macron Card to Play”

How did he justify this discussion between Macron and Ruffin? “Then there are still two months left to mobilize as many people as possible so that Ecopla becomes a media topic in order to save the company. We then use everything possible for this. If we need to use Macron’s aura, we use it.” Laporte explained to us. “I fought to rescue employees from a crate in the depths of Isère. I had a Macron card to play, I played it. And I’ve been playing other cards with other presidential candidates at the same time. François Ruffin replied to the Figaro.

This excerpt was previously published by Radio Nova in September 2016, with a reporter from the station Ruffin following that day. The context was completely different back then, and the excerpt published on YouTube at the time and viewed only 1,630 times was also titled much more soberly: “When Emmanuel Macron takes lessons in political strategy from François Ruffin.” In the report in question, Ruffin took his initiative as follows: “There, Macron is the one who holds the key to the files, because Macron is in full light, so you have to eat a little bit of his light for them to exist.”

Francois Ruffin responded on Twitter on the return of this video on social networks in the final stages of the presidential election campaign, blaming the extreme right: “The extreme right doesn’t appreciate me dismantling their social fraud again: “Marine Le Pen, the other candidate of the rich”. So they tried to discredit me by posting fake news on the Ecopla but it was “debunked” a hundred times. And the rebellious MP once again denies any collusion with Macron: “We interviewed as many candidates as possible at the time (2016-2017) with the staff: Macron yes, but also Montebourg, Duflot, Hamon, Mélenchon, Sarkozy, Juppé, Le Maire.”

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