Will the used console be available on April 17?

Looking for a PlayStation 5? So now you have the best chance of getting your hands on a used (and tested) device. Retailer Rebuy always has some great PS5 models in stock.

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Buy PS5 at Rebuy: set a purchase alert

You know how hard it is to get hold of a coveted PlayStation 5 these days. The console is almost sold out on the market. The stocks are empty. There is rarely a refill and if there is, it runs out in minutes. The solution: Used online retailers like Rebuy. They take used consoles, inspect and clean them, then send them back for a fair price Like new to put on the market. Again and again there are also patterns PS5 in stock! There are currently fluctuations in availability again. Check the current situation here:

>> Buy PS5 at Rebuy

PlayStation 5 also available on Amazon

No chance? You always have a nice alternative with wholesalers like Amazon. New PS5 consoles can arrive here at any time. Can’t wait? So look here for current delivery times and stock levels. With this direct link you have with your >>Main account on Amazon the best odds >>Buy the PS5 directly from Amazon.

You might also have good luck with the digital edition. Also here it is best to follow the direct link >> Buy PS5 Digital Edition on Amazon.


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Your Chance for a PS5: All Retailers

If you’re lucky, you might find something here:

No more news!

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