Willi Herren († 45): That’s why he still doesn’t have a gravestone on the 1st anniversary of his death – people

A story about his final resting place.

On Wednesday April 20, the sudden death of Willi Herren († 45), which shocked millions of fans, dates back exactly one year. Looking at his grave in the Cologne Melaten celebrity cemetery, the question arises:

Why does the popular actor and entertainer still not have a headstone? Instead, only a simple wooden cross adorns the tomb, and there is no border around the tomb either. BILD went in search of clues.

This is what Willi Herren's grave looks like a year after his deathFoto: Bernd Peters

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This is what Willi Herren’s grave looks like a year after his death. There are candles and memories of him, but there is no real gravestone.Photo: Bernd Peters

After initial arguments in the family over who is responsible for the care, Willi’s children, Alessia and Stefano, and his sister Annemie tend to the grave.

The latter now explains to BILD: “I will spend the day of the death peacefully at home and think of Willi. I cannot give any information on the tombstone at the moment.” Both children would not comment on BILD’s request.

But a family friend tells BILD: “Now a stonemason has been hired. But no one knows when it will be finished. Everything was delayed because of the death of Willis’ father, Wilhelm Herren, last fall.”

Willi Herren's father, Wilhelm, died aged 86 at the end of OctoberFoto: privat

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Willi Herren’s father, Wilhelm, died aged 86 at the end of OctoberPhoto: private

The two graves of father and son at the Melaten celebrity cemetery in CologneFoto: Bernd Peters

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The two graves of father and son lie next to each other in the Melaten celebrity cemetery in ColognePhoto: Bernd Peters

Willi Herren’s father, Wilhelm, died at the age of 86 at the end of October 2021. His grave (he was buried on November 11, next to his son Willi) was so far adorned only with a wooden cross.

Another former friend of Willis’s says: “It’s also because of financial problems. The Paulinenhof undertaker responsible for the grave therefore appealed for donations on the Internet, but the Facebook post was again deleted at the request of the family.

BILD has a screenshot of this call. It’s unclear what ultimately caused the delay. The fact is that Willi’s grave and that of his father next door must do without a tombstone.

And what about Willis’ widow, Jasmin Herren? She’s actually been missing since the arguments with the rest of the family over the funeral.

Interviewed by BILD, she said, however: “I transferred the care of the dead to them at the time, under pressure from Alessia and Stefano. So I have no right to modify or design anything. either at the grave myself. Nevertheless, I have already contacted the undertaker and let him know that I am of course willing to make a donation and therefore also financially support the laying and design of the tombstone. To date, I have no feedback on this subject.”

She stresses, “My husband should rest in his rightful and honorable grave, which is very important to me.”

Jasmin Herren would pay for the missing tombstoneFoto: picture alliance / Geisler-Fotopress

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Jasmin Herren would pay for the missing headstone for her husband’s gravePhoto: photo alliance / Geisler-Fotopress

Willi Herren just four days before his death on April 16, 2021 with his children Alessia and StefanoFoto: Agency People Image

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Willi Herren on April 16, 2021, just four days before his death, with his children Alessia and StefanoPhoto: Image of people from the agency

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