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TecDAX Telecom Company with Highest Dividend Yields
Many companies with yields of up to three percent
Some companies don’t pay dividends

Investors can expect record dividends from DAX companies this year. Some MDAX companies are also increasing their dividends. This is the case with the dividend yields of TecDAX shares according to estimates by Factset (as of April 11, 2022).

These companies shine with the highest dividend yields

Telefonica Deutschland can probably offer the highest dividend yield on the TecDAX. The company wants to pay a dividend of EUR 0.18 to its investors for 2021, which corresponds to a dividend yield of 7.38%. Another communications service provider, freenet, follows in second place. The company is expected to offer its investors a dividend yield of 6.66%. Deutsche Telekom intends to distribute a dividend of EUR 0.64 for 2021, which corresponds to a dividend yield of 3.95%.

Between one and three percent dividend yield

S&T (2.4%), Vantage Towers (2.29%), Software AG (2.18%), Varta AG (2.16%) and Siltronic (2.12%) all offer more than 2%.

After all, AIXTRON and CANCOM are likely to pay more than one percent dividend yield at 1.68 percent each. AIXTRON wants to pay its investors a dividend of 0.30 euro for 2021, while CANCOM pays one euro. Next come SAP and Siemens Healthineers with a dividend yield of 1.52%. At United Internet, the dividend yield should be around 1.43%.

Companies with less than 1% dividend yield

A dividend yield of less than one percent is expected for IT company Bechtle – it should be around 0.87 percent. Infineon follows with a return of 0.76%. With 0.70%, software company CompuGroup ranks 16th among the TecDAX companies with the highest dividend yield, followed by technology group JENOPTIK with a yield of 0.67%. Eckert & Ziegler is expected to offer its shareholders a dividend yield of 0.59%. Carl Zeiss Meditec is expected to achieve a yield of 0.54% with a dividend of EUR 0.90, while VERBIO is expected to achieve a yield of 0.46% with a dividend of EUR 0.20. The dividend yield at software provider Nemetschek is expected to be 0.35%. With their expected dividends of EUR 0.05 and EUR 1.25 respectively, the companies 1&1 AG and Sartorius have a dividend yield of 0.21%.

Some companies waive the payment of dividends

While many companies keep their dividends high or even increase them, there are also companies that do not pay dividends to their shareholders. Some of these are growing companies that reinvest the profits they make, but there are also companies that have not performed well enough to be able or should be able to distribute profits. EVOTEC, MorphoSys and QIAGEN, three companies in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sector of the German technology stock index TecDAX, do not distribute dividends to their shareholders. Investors in wind turbine maker Nordex and software makers SUSE, TeamViewer and Nagarro will also not receive a dividend.

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