Alicia (married at first sight), a secret revealed off-screen: “We won’t see it on TV”

Alicia’s everyday life changed six years ago. The sixth season contestant of Married at first sight, currently airing on M6, was the victim of a horrific car accident on Christmas Eve. Her older sister lost her life there, while the pretty 28-year-old blonde scarred comes out. Traces that remind her of the drama every day and that she apparently wanted to hide from Bruno, to whom she said “yes” on the show. Interviewed by our colleagues TV magazinereveals the coordinating nurse that she did indeed raise the issue with the charming 31-year-old brunette.

It was his intention from the start to talk to Bruno about it. The question was when. “I have a day or two planned. It’s a secret that doesn’t last long, especially in summer.“, she confides. And to recount how it happened while the cameras were off: “We won’t see him on TV, but he took my tracks from behind after breakfast. He didn’t dare ask me the question. He was very respectful. Even on the plane to Porto, He touched my scar on my stomach and said, ‘You have a scar’. I told him I’ll talk to him about it later. It’s all happened.

Then she found herself face to face with an understanding Bruno, far from knowing more. Also, during the wedding night, Alicia didn’t feel ready to reveal herself. “I refused to take my dress off Bruno. I asked the reporter who was with me to do it in the bathroom. I felt like now wasn’t the right time to tell him about my scars. Not the first nightShe says. Even if we get along well, we don’t necessarily have to enter into a strong intimacy right from the start. It’s good to take your time.

The couple discovered each other mainly in off-camera moments. Because it has to be said that Alicia and Bruno have not always felt very comfortable in this context…”After talking to Bruno about it afterwards, we both agreed that the cameras were tiring. We don’t have time to prepare. caution etc.admits the young bride. Otherwise, the teams that followed us were benevolent and gave us leave, for example at the airport or on the plane for the honeymoon.“The rest of her story remains to be seen, she’s off to a good start…

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