“Apple employees want to cash in on huge profits at world’s richest company”

Jwhere will Biden tweet his satisfaction, he promoting unions in the name of defending the middle class? Following workers from Amazon, Starbucks and Activision Blizzard, workers at the Apple store in Grand Central Station, New York, also embarked on the obstacle-strewn journey of forming a union on Monday, April 18 – a first in the Atlantic for those who love apples. Grouped under the Workers United banner, which has successfully supported Starbucks workers, they must gather the signature of at least 30% of their peers before they can vote for or against an organizing union.

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A minimum hourly wage of $30 and more vacation time are among the demands of workers hit hard by the Covid-19 pandemic that has devastated New York and a rise in prices “unprecedented”. They want to capitalize on the staggering gains of the Cupertino giant, the richest company in the world, which posted $35 billion in profit for the fourth quarter of 2021 alone. Some of the 270 American stores have followed the same path, but the initiators of the movement are discreet so as not to lose her job.

Threats, blackmail, intimidation

“We recognize the immense courage these workers are showing in defending their rights”, stresses the union of the service sector. As if they lived under the rule of Chinese or Burmese dictators. But nothing is gained, and forming a union does not create unanimity among workers. Even at the Amazon JFK8 camp on Staten Island, a suburb of New York, where the Yes received 55% of the vote in a poll with heavy abstention in early April.

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American unionization has fallen from 30% in the 1950s to 10%. Forming or joining a section is a recognized right, but the threats, blackmail and intimidation that precede staff voting mean that the vast majority of projects fail. Initiatives multiply, and each new union is a hard-fought victory for management who, in Apple’s words, a “direct relationship” with the employees.

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What can the American President do if he doesn’t repeat this tirelessly“There must be no intimidation, no pressure, no threats, no anti-union propaganda”as he said a year ago, the support of Amazon employees. “No hierarchy should attack employees for their union preferences. » The message still goes just as badly in the land of free enterprise, now tormented by the libertarian spirit of Big Tech, where behind every union member is a dangerous Bolshevik with a knife between his teeth.

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