Army: Nexter brings together its industrial partners from the SCORPION program at the Roanne site

For players in the Industrial and Technological Defense Base [BITD] French [voire européenne], the current context does not encourage optimism. No sooner had they started to recover from the difficulties caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, they now have to deal with the consequences of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, including the increase in energy costs, difficulties in the supply of raw materials [comme le titane et l’acier, par exemple] or the ongoing shortage of semiconductors. This can lead to delivery delays and additional costs…

And since that wasn’t enough, they also had to deal with the “Taxonomy” project, which – supported by the European Commission – envisages classifying the defense industry under “socially harmful” activities for the time being. And this would make it more difficult for them to be financed by the banks. At a time when most countries in the Old Continent have announced their intention to significantly increase their military spending, such a sword of Damocles for European industrialists could only benefit their competitors [notamment américains]who do not have to face such difficulties.

Be that as it may, this context in no way prevents Nexter from pursuing its €60 million Nextfab plan, which should make it possible to triple the production capacity at the Roanne site while expanding the logistics activities there. And that as part of the SCORPION program [Synergie du contact renforcée par la polyvalence et l’infovalorisation] the army.

On April 19, Nexter therefore inaugurated a new 1,200 m² building in Roanne. [dont 850 m² de surfaces industrielles et 350 m² de « zones tertiaires »] to accommodate the activities of its industrial partners in the SCORPION program, including Arquus and Thales, as part of the temporary consortium of companies [GME] EMBR Griffon and Texelis are partners of GME Serval.

This new building “answers the need to expand the activities of the partners at the Roanne site in the context of the ramp-up of the SCORPION program”, explains Nexter in a press release, recalling that it has been a “key player” since
Upstream Studies, responsible with Thales and Arquus for the development, production and initial support of the Griffon and Jaguar”. In addition, the manufacturer, together with Texelis, is the prime contractor of the Serval light multipurpose armored vehicle program and the renovation of the Leclerc tank.

This “building enables Arquus, Thales and Texelis to work in an integrated manner with Nexter and gives us the means to be successful in the unprecedented industrial ramp-up of the SCORPION program. The responsiveness and concrete understanding made possible by the proximity of the actors are key elements of success,” argues Sylvain Rousseau, director of the Nexter Systems business unit.

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