Babylon’s Fall: Less than ten players on the servers, the fiasco continues…

Game news Babylon’s Fall: Less than ten players on the servers, the fiasco continues…

Just a month after the game’s failed launch, Babylon’s Fall has already fallen below ten concurrent players on Steam.

Published by Square Enix and developed by PlatinumGames, Babylon’s Fall got off to a very timid start and even ended in failure. So much so that we’ve seen Square Enix send out surveys for players to fill out to find out what they think should be improved. Obviously this did not allow to keep the few players who bought the game …

A total of eight players worldwide

Meanwhile Babylon’s Fall launched on March 3rd and reached concurrent players on Steam with only 1188 players. In ten days we’ve passed the 500 player mark. Unfortunately for Square Enix, player counts continue to fall. On Tuesday, April 12, Babylon’s fall is at its worst highest concurrent players at 23:10 UTC (i.e. 1:10 on April 13 for us) there were none only eight players total on Steamconnected to the game. A number ridiculously low for a game of this magnitude and backed by a publisher the size of Square Enix.

Statistics collected on SteamDB

Already too late to convince players with Season 2?

For a Game intended for multiplayerfall below the bar of ten cumulative players is catastrophic. Because it quickly becomes a vicious circle: there are few players, so potential buyers who are fans of multiplayer games tell themselves that they better go to another game that brings more unconnected players so that the game continues to be deserted, and so forth. Already on March 18th Square was forced to respond to server desertion (which was not yet at the current point):

Is the principle of continuous service in jeopardy? no There are no plans to reduce the scale of Babylon’s Fall development. We’re almost done creating content leading up to the end of Season 2, and we’ve started work on Season 3 and beyond. We will continue to provide new content to the game and make improvements based on player feedback to keep players engaged and attract new players. We want to thank all of the Sentinels who are already enjoying the world of Babylon’s Fall, and we look forward to welcoming more of you in the future!

However, if the content of Season 2 is not outstanding and compelling enough In order to bring a large number of players back to the servers, it is certain that a drastic decision must be made. And unfortunately, Babylon’s fall could be abandoned will be supported by the PlatinumGames teams and no longer by Square.

Babylon’s Fall was released on March 3rd on PC, PS5 and PS4.

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