Buy PS5: Ticker on April 19. – These traders could fall next

The PS5 remains in high demand even after Easter. We take a look at the top retailers and reveal where the chances of restocking are particularly high.

Update of 04/19/2022, 5:10 p.m.: The PS5 tag ends with two drops in Germany. Meanwhile, Amazon has done well in other countries. In the United States and France, the PS5 was temporarily available on Amazon. Perhaps a good omen for an upcoming drop on Amazon Germany.

Update of 04/19/2022, 2:25 p.m.: The week after Easter is off to a great start for PS5 sales. You might enjoy two drops today. This week, however, that may continue at many dealerships. We summarize the hot candidates here: Availability after Easter – These retailers are currently particularly hot

Update of 04/19/2022, 1:20 p.m.: Apparently the Expert Hoffmann branch in Cologne received a PS5 delivery. A few consoles are now being sold there – but probably only in a bundle with Horizon and only to those on the waitlist. If you are nearby you can check everything. All information about the PS5 at Expert can be found here: The first consoles have appeared at Expert – will they be for sale?

Update of 04/19/2022, 12:10 p.m.: Anyone who was able to pick up a PS5 in the two drops this morning can now also get a few games for the new console for a pittance. With the current Amazon PS5 deals, there should be a game for everyone.

Update of 04/19/2022, 11:30 a.m.: And already the next PS5 drop of the day. Retailer Spielegrotte has just started selling the PlayStation 5. All information about dropping the PS5 into the game cave can be found here.

Update of 04/19/2022, 10:30 a.m.: The PlayStation Direct invitational sale has started. You can find all the details about the Drop in our article: PlayStation Direct Sale Launched – Is there a Drop open?

Update of 04/19/2022, 10:05 a.m.:For Upcoming Sale: If you’re about to see a long wait on PlayStation Direct, don’t despair. The figure often jumps to a significantly lower value within just a few minutes. Just be patient.

Update of April 19, 2022, 9:45 a.m.: If you’re looking for an alternative to the PS5 because you’re tired of waiting or just want to have another console besides the Playsi: Xbox Series X* is currently available at MediaMarkt – with delivery between 11.05. and 13.05.

*Affiliate link

Update on 04/19/2022, 09:09: There was a brief false alarm in Müller. The PS5 was apparently listed there for a very short time under Multimedia (but not as available) and now it’s gone again and isn’t listed at all. Nevertheless, as a precaution, monitor the provider more closely today and in the coming days. It doesn’t necessarily mean anything, but it could be an indication that something might be happening there in the near future. Because the last time there was a false alarm in Müller, the fall followed a few hours later.

Update of April 19, 2022, 8:50 a.m.: If you haven’t received an invitation for the closed PS5 sale on PlayStation Direct: it is not yet clear if there will be another open sale later today, in which all interested parties can try their hand at chance. However, we are keeping a close eye on all of this for you and will let you know as soon as possible here in the form of an update if this should happen.

Original message of April 19, 2022, 6:30 a.m.: Hamburg, Germany – Even after Easter 2022, the demand for the PlayStation 5 is huge and Sony can’t even begin to cover it. In recent weeks, many players have finally been able to secure the console, but the number of those still chasing the PS5 is gigantic. If you want to dust off a PS5, you still need luck and accurate information about major retailers so you can be there in time for a possible sale. So that you don’t miss any drops or local sales campaigns, we give you an overview of the current supply situation in this PS5 ticker and show you the latest PS5 sales developments at all relevant retailers in German-speaking countries.

Console name Playstation 5 (PS5)
Maker Sony Interactive Entertainment (YOU)
Type Fixed game console
generation 09th console generation
storage medium Blu-Ray, SSD
Release November 19, 2020

Buy PS5: Post-Easter Restock – You should keep an eye out for these retailers now

Where was the last time you bought the PS5? Over the past week, many interested parties have been able to get a PS5 – but mostly in local campaigns. On April 12 there was a drop on PlayStation Direct, the same day MediaMarkt and Saturn launched an extensive pre-order campaign at many local stores. Conrad also proved to be THE insider tip ahead of Easter and continued to sell the PS5 locally in many markets. However, the hoped-for drop at OTTO, which had been expected for weeks, did not materialize.

Which retailers are particularly hot right now? Here are our predictions for the current week:

  • PlayStation Direct: Even though Sony only recently discontinued the PS5 (April 12), they are now adding to the sale internally. The next closed drop (by invitation) is scheduled for 04/19. already confirmed. The campaign is expected to start at 10:30 a.m. German time and last until around 12:00 p.m. It is not known if this will be followed by an open sale.
  • Amazon: The shipping giant could also be exciting. Because Amazon, as a regular guarantor of replenishment, has always fallen in the last third or at the very end of the month. Even though the mandatory Prime notice has yet to be viewed, a closer look couldn’t hurt for now.
  • OTTO: For almost 2 months without PS5 drops, although all other major PS5 suppliers have already sold here in Germany – sometimes several times. OTTO should soon become the guarantor of guaranteed restocking. Arguably still the hottest candidate for online streaming after PS Direct.
  • Euronic: Also still considered hot because Euronics, once a regular supplier of supplies, simply hasn’t sold PS5 consoles or bundles in over 3 months.
  • Media Markt and Saturn: The big local pre-order campaign at local MMS branches should have been everywhere by now. You should always be careful here. Because the rumor is still circulating that MediaMarkt and Saturn could possibly have an online drop in the next few days, since that’s how it went after the last MMS pre-order campaign.

Buy PS5: Expert sells new consoles – likely restocking at Amazon, Saturn & Co.

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The current situation regarding console supplies at the most important PS5 retailers:

  • PS5 location at MediaMarkt and Saturn –> Last PS5 drop on March 23, 2022 (MM) and March 28, 2022 (Saturn), major local campaign in many Saturn and MediaMarkt branches (started April 12): Medium to high restock chance at MediaMarkt and medium to high restock chance of PlayStation 5 at Saturn
  • PS5 location on Amazon –> Last PS5 drop on 03/30/2022: medium high Console Restock Chances
  • PS5 location at OTTO –> Last PS5 drop on 02/21/2022: High chances of restocking the console
  • PS5 location at Expert –> Last PS5 drop on 05/01/2022 (in store): Medium to high console restock chance
  • PS5 situation at Müller –> Last PS5 drop on 03/25/2022: Medium to high console restock chance
  • PS5 location on PlayStation Direct –> Last PS5 drop on April 12, 2022: High chance of console restocking (next drop already confirmed)
  • PS5 location at Alternate –> Last big PS5 drop on 04/07/2022: High chances of console restocking (bundle still available, but at a very high price)
  • PS5 localization at Euronics –> Last PS5 drop on 12/29/2021: High chances of restocking the console
  • PS5 situation at MediMax –> Last PS5 drop on 03/29/2022: Low console restock chance
  • PS5 situation in Kaufland –> Last PS5 drop on 03/30/2022: Medium to high console restock chance
  • PS5 location at GameStop –> PS5 consoles are only sold in stores
  • PS5 location on ComputerUniverse –> Last PS5 drop on 04/01/2022: Medium to high console restock probabilities
  • PS5 location at Cyberport –> Last PS5 drop on 08/17/2021: Low console restock chance
  • PS5 location at MyToys –> Last PS5 drop on 12/13/2021: Low console restock chance
  • PS5 location at Smyths Toys –> Last PS5 drop on 10/27/2021: Low console restock chance
  • PS5 situation at the game cave –> last PS5 drop on March 17, 2021: Low console restock chance
  • PS5 situation at Conrad –> Last PS5 drop on April 8, 2022 (locally in branches, also until the end of last week): Low Console Restock Chances
  • PS5 location in Real –> Last PS5 drop in store on 04/12/2021: Low console restock chance

Buy PS5: Where are you most likely to get your supplies this week?


Buy PS5: PS5 supplies are still scarce – will things finally get better soon?

When will the PS5 situation finally improve? In short: hard to say. However, what is considered certain in the industry and with many retailers: at least in the next few months, the situation should not change much. Sony itself announced delivery bottlenecks for the first months of the year, which were particularly noticeable in February and March 2022. It was not until the end of March that the situation of the offer has at least improved somewhat. But even now the drops are rare and usually seem small.

In general, one should continue to assume that there will be a PS5 deficit for the foreseeable future. Some experts even assume that this situation will last throughout 2022. But if you want to get a PS5 without too much stress and would also accept a higher price, then we recommend the following article: Buying a PS5: dusting off the the console guaranteed – these dealers always have supplies

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