€375,000 fine for undercover work against Deliveroo

The Paris Criminal Court on Tuesday April 19 fined Deliveroo France €375,000 and sentenced two former platform directors to 12 months’ probation for “undercover work”. The court followed the statements of the public prosecutor’s office in full.

“The Offense of Undercover Work” is set up, affirmed the President of the 31stand Chamber of the court that announces the decision. A spokesman for Deliveroo told the platform “considered” speak to.

Deliveroo was also ordered to pay 50,000 euros in damages to each of the five workers’ unions (CGT, Union Solidaires, SUD-Commerces et Services, SUD-Commerces et Services Ile-de-France and National Union of Light Transport) that had filed civil claims for “moral damage”.

The two leaders, who held office between 2015 and 2017, were also found guilty of “hidden labour”. A third executive was sentenced to a four-month suspended prison sentence and a fine of 10,000 euros for “complicity in undercover work”. This court order must be posted for a month, specifically in front of Deliveroo’s premises, the court said.

A “systemic obfuscation” of jobs

In March, after a week-long hearing – the first Uberization criminal case in France – prosecutors regretted the absence of American William Shu, co-founder and president and CEO of the British company, from the defendants’ bench, “undoubtedly” at the origin of “systems” from which Deliveroo could benefit “All employer benefits (…) without the inconvenience ».

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Deliveroo is responsible for“an instrumentalization and misappropriation of labor law”with the aim of a “systemic obfuscation” Jobs for delivery people that should have been employed and not self-employed, said Celine Ducournau. That ” Amounted to “ set up had the sole purpose of employment “inexpensive” Delivery people, and no matter if some are “satisfied” this status or “Feel free”she pointed out, referring to one of Deliveroo’s arguments justifying its micro-entrepreneur status.

“It’s not about the process of poor working conditions” nor from that of “Consumption patterns of our time”had replied Antonin Lévy, lawyer of Deliveroo France, in defence, for whom the trial sometimes seemed to be “Political Forum”.

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Hundred civil parties

A dozen delivery men on bicycles or scooters, many of whom are now taking action “systems”She had marched to the bar to announce her arrival at Deliveroo, lured by the promises of ” Freedom “ and from “Flexibility”but had discovered it ” War “ to get the best “niches” schedules that ” Print “that ” Monitoring “ and the Deliveroo admonitions. More than a hundred delivery men are civil parties to the process.

The company had claimed it was just “associate” Customers, restaurateurs and suppliers, and denied “every relationship of subordination”. The highly contested independent status of Uber drivers or Deliveroo couriers is being challenged by courts in many countries, or more rarely by legislation, which has prompted some industry giants to propose compromises.

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