Eintracht fans as super broadcasters? First the sensation, then the infection

It’s been five days since Eintracht Frankfurt qualified for the Europa League semi-finals against Barcelona. Many SGE supporters were there – and are now returning with less good news.

Did you bring more than just an away win? Eintracht Frankfurt eliminated the great FC Barcelona from the Europa League last Thursday in its own stadium (3-2). Around 30,000 fans from home also attended. And they are now returning to social networks with rather less encouraging news.

Because it seems that a large number of Eintracht fans were infected with the corona virus during the trip. On Twitter, many supporters are reporting positive corona tests. The word “superspreader event” is not mentioned once in connection with the game.

Sports journalist Benjamin Heinrich writes: “Why is it so quiet here since the big trip to Barcelona with #SGE? Unfortunately, I brought more than the away win with me. I’m completely flat with strong symptoms since the weekend. So it’s going to be here for a quiet time. Everyone stay healthy and take care.

Under his post, talks revolved around both moving to Spain and possibly opening stadiums and events too soon. A Twitter user writes: “I feel like everyone who was at Barcelona is positive – including me.” He pushes afterwards yet that it was worth it despite everything.

Also in Barcelona is t-online editor Lars Wienand. In a tweet, he wrote: “SGE-Barca superspreader event. There are a number of other people impacted by the responses. I’m in it now too. And other than in the hotel room, I don’t was not in closed rooms and if I was, then with a mask.”

He also reports that “hardly anyone wore a mask in the stadium”, as is also the case in the Bundesliga. That’s why you didn’t feel particularly unsafe in the huge Camp Nou, and in the entrance area it also experienced less crowds than before the first leg in Frankfurt, for example. “A lot of people are putting on masks there.”

Sporadically, responsible security personnel in Barcelona have pointed out the need to wear a mask – probably nothing more. “And there were also plenty of opportunities for infection arriving and departing on the buses and on the plane.”

After beating Barcelona, ​​Eintracht Frankfurt are through to the Europa League semi-finals and meet West Ham United on April 28.

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