Elden Ring: Be careful, don’t pick up the underwear lying on the floor! It’s dangerous (and dirty)

news tip Elden Ring: Be careful, don’t pick up the underwear lying on the floor! It’s dangerous (and dirty)

When playing Elden Ring online, you can drop items and gear to gift to your friends. But be aware that not everything on the ground is kind to take and there are toxic gifts that can cost you dearly. We explain what it’s all about!

The underside of Elden Ring

A while back we told you about the Elden Ring hidden underwear. Although these underwear have been removed from the final version of the game, they have not managed to escape the most curious gamers. The first to report his discovery is Fighter. pl, a YouTuber that offers content of all kinds, mainly about games by From Software. In his videoit shows what the Deathbed Smalls, the mysterious Elden Ring underwear which are equippable and have their own stats.

Basically, this underwear belongs to Fia, an enigmatic NPC who will give you naughty suggestions in the Round Table Bastion. She offers to hug you and if you accept, you get one blessing to strengthen your balance. Fia is associated with a number of fairly important quests where it is possible for you to obtain his equipment i.e. his robe and hood. But it seems that in an earlier version of the game, players were supposed to receive these items along with a bottom – the panties introduced by Fighter. Pl. Nowadays, this underwear can only be found by cheating, but be aware that there is some risk involved:

With the cursed underwear you will be banished

Elden Ring: Be careful, don't pick up the underwear lying on the floor!  It's dangerous (and dirty)

In general, if you see a player wearing a specific piece of gear in Elden Ring, it should be safe to do the same.. But you should know that with regard to the Deathbed Smalls by Fia, you risk a lot by wearing them and even by picking them up. This “armor” is in a way forgerysince it can only be obtained by cheating, therefore, having it in your possession is banishable. But before the ban there is soft bana kind of quarantine where suspicious players are stuck until they get rid of their underwear, which sometimes requires wiping an entire store. If they refuse, they will be banned indefinitely.

So you’ll have understood: if you want Fia underwear above all else, you have to do it Disable Elden Ring anti-cheat software and play offline. But who can not do without the online mode, say goodbye to NPC panties and above all, Be careful when picking up items dropped by other players as the underwear may just be there and you may pay a heavy price. Is Fia’s underwear worth the two hundred and something hours you put into Elden Ring? It’s for you to see.

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