Foot PSG – PSG: Kylian Mbappé at Real, two big clues revealed

A month into the end of the season, let’s not hope that Kylian Mbappé gets wet about his future. But PSG are scary and Real Madrid are increasing the pressure.

At the moment, the French forward is finishing his exercise with his feet on the ground, enough to make the whole of PSG feel very sorry, who believe that the Parisian number 7 could have carried the capital club very high had it not been for the Madrid fiasco. Now all eyes are on him and his future. His arrival at Real Madrid is promised but nothing is finalized yet. Especially since PSG started their revolution this spring and want to do whatever it takes to keep Kylian Mbappé, even if it means giving him the keys to the entire team, from the captain’s armband to recruitment, including salary of course, and positioning ahead Location . A dangerous game that can make the 2018 world champion think.

Real agitated the threat Haaland

However, Real Madrid, who are showing their full confidence in Mbappé’s future choice, would dream of speaking publicly, as was the case last autumn when the PSG striker announced he had tried to go white in the summer of 2021 enter house. No scenario therefore, and that puts Florentino Pérez on the alert. According to Qatari whistleblower Mohammed Al Kaabi, Real Madrid want to put pressure on Kylian Mbappé to show him that he is not the merengue club’s only target in the transfer market. In fact, rumors are circulating about Real Madrid’s interest in Erling Haaland and a generous salary offer with a project centered around the Norwegian should Mbappé stay at PSG. For the Qatari insider, there is no doubt that Real Madrid’s ultimate goal is not to sign Haaland but Mbappé. A way to increase the pressure, even if no one is fooled.

Mbappé is better paid than Haaland

The evidence, in Spain, journalist Jorge Picon, who works for Goal, reveals that Florentino Pérez has no intention of paying Erling Haaland the same salary as Kylian Mbappé should the Borussia Dortmund colossus ever sign. For the President of Madrid, the two players are not at the same level and do not have the same status, despite their enormous qualities, statistics and youth. As much as Real’s dressing room is willing to rush out Kylian Mbappé as a real boss if he ever signs, Haaland doesn’t deserve the same status in the eyes of merengue executives. A distancing that says a lot about Kylian Mbappé’s aura at the moment, and it’s not for nothing that Real players regularly drop short sentences about the dream of seeing the PSG striker sign in the Spanish capital in a few weeks.

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