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Discover in advance the detailed synopsis of episode 4524 of More beautiful life, which will be broadcast on France 3 on Thursday April 21, 2022. Charlotte packs her bags, Sunalee and Pablo are angry with her. Camille is obsessed with Kevin, she even steals the apartment keys. Mathieu and Ariane make a gruesome discovery.

Read the full PBLV recap of Season 18 Episode 4524 from 04/21/2022 in Preview with all photos from the soap opera Plus belle la vie.

Gérard denounces himself instead of Kevin to pay for all the damage he’s done

Find it full summary of Better Life on Thursday, April 21, 2022 Episode 4524 in advance, 3 days before the broadcast France 3): the summary of the previous episode PBLV 04/20/2022 is online.

The van that hijacked Lucas Moreau had been reported stolen. The van was found in the largest cemetery in Marseille. The PTS found traces of blood in it. Lucas’ medal is found.

Emma and Camille walk around town: Camille asks questions about Kevin. She tells her sister that she loves Kevin and that she can’t control it.

Kevin nicer life

Kevin is happy, his place with the police is no longer in question / PBLV in advance episode 4524 from April 21, 2022

Kevin learns that the guy he assaulted has 8 days of ITT and additionally files a complaint against him. An investigation will be launched and during this time he will be suspended. Laetitia blames Gérard for this tragedy. Kevin worries about being removed because the chief of staff wants to impose a model sanction.

Luna plus belle la vie

Final tense exchanges between Charlotte and Luna

Luna thinks that Elodie worked out this plan with Charlotte… Bastien doesn’t really believe it because Elodie left to protect her children.
Charlotte tells Sunalee and Pablo that this trip was to find her mother, Elodie. Charlotte says she acted for her own good… she won’t let her live with “that Luna.” Sunalee says they will do just that.

Carmen better life

Carmen is bitter towards Laetitia

Carmen brings Laetitia the odds and ends that Gérard left at her house. Carmen tells Laetitia that she is very angry with her for not telling her.

Charlotte asks Luna not to upset her grandchildren against her. If they didn’t want to see her, she would die. Luna says that’s not part of her methods… and it’s up to Sunalee and Pablo to decide anyway.

Sunalee more beautiful life

The Castel children say goodbye to their grandmother

Gérard comes to Boher, he says that Kevin didn’t push the chief of staff’s son, he did it himself. Gérard says that Kevin wanted to protect him because he’s in the crosshairs of justice. Boher tells him he risks 2 years in prison…his pardon will be overturned if he keeps up his explanations. Gérard explains that he wants to take responsibility for his “I’m not a liar anymore” gesture.

Mathieu and Ariane are looking at the Saint-Michel cemetery in case he finds Lucas…they hope to find him alive, but in a grave it seems that the corpse of the interested party is present.

Sunalee more beautiful life

Sunalee is happy, she finally has friends

Better life in advance Episode 4524 from April 21, 2022: Kevin saved by his uncle

Kevin was exonerated, the dismissal lifted… Kevin explains to Laetitia that it was Gérard who denounced himself and that he is taking a big risk. Laetitia learns that Gérard was on probation. Gerard says he wants to change because he wants Laetitia to forgive him.

It’s time for Charlotte to go: Akira is the only one who doesn’t want her grandmother to go. Sunalee and Pablo are indifferent.

Kevin has a drink with Baptiste: he tells him he’s saved for work because of his uncle. Kevin tells her he wants Emilie back: he has no choice, she is the woman of his life.
Kevin goes to the bathroom, Camille takes the opportunity to say hello to Baptiste…she says she wanted to know where Emma is. She casually drops Kevin’s jacket… and steals some keys.

Mirta nicer life

Mirta and Luna happily say goodbye to Charlotte

Camille breaks into Laetitia and Kevin’s house… but the latter returns home with Laetitia’s keys. Camille hides, but Kevin sees an open photo album right next to the photo of him and Emilie.

The highlights of Plus belle la vie from Thursday, April 21, 2022: What to remember

Camille better life

Camille hides behind the couch when Kevin enters the apartment

– Camille steals the keys to Kevin’s apartment
– Gérard sacrifices himself to exonerate Kevin and goes to prison
– The free rider acted again with Lucas Moreau in a cemetery
– Charlotte leaves the Zephyr, Akira is still by her side
– Carmen is still mad at Laetitia

To be continued the complete summary of Plus belle la vie before Friday, April 22, 2022 with episode 4525.

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