Her plane, which was supposed to land in Strasbourg, lands in Nantes, leaving Volotea to her own devices

Easter weekend didn’t go as planned for everyone. At least not for those who decided to spend the weekend in Spain and take a flight with Spanish budget airline Volotea.

The National Union of Airline Pilots (SNPL) had announced a strike for the weekend of April 15-18 and the weekend of April 23-24. According to the union, the company “continues to urge its employees to make great efforts to withstand the consequences of the crisis and rejects any social dialogue worthy of the name”.

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passengers as victims

The problem in this conflict is that it is the passengers who have toasted. Throughout the weekend, the company was chosen by many travelers. Delayed or canceled flights, landings in other cities and above all no communication from Volotea.

Passengers whose flight was canceled did not receive the slightest alternative suggestion from the company. Worse still, flights that are less than three hours late but have not been canceled will not be reimbursed.

The Canaries-Strasbourg flight lands… in Nantes

For some, the weekend has even become a nightmare. This is the case of Olivier, a father interviewed by our RTL colleagues. On Monday his return flight from the Canary Islands to Strasbourg did not land in Alsace but in Loire-Atlantique, in Nantes…

A landing more than 700 kilometers from the original target! The Eastern family found themselves entirely in the West… Volotea’s suggestion? none.

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“If there really had been a bus in Nantes we would have accepted, but there we are told: ‘There will be nothing, you can do it’, it’s unacceptable, we can’t leave people in this situation – the”he curses.

€850 additional costs

In order to be able to return to Strasbourg, the family had to take a train to Paris: “We’ll find a hotel as we can. The last hotel costs €421, that’s all there is. We fell in the middle of the Easter weekend.”

End of the journey the next morning and a Paris-Strasbourg train departing from Gare de l’Est: “In total we spent more than 850 euros in expenses just to be able to return home from Nantes to Strasbourg. It’s a nightmare return.”

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