“I call on the French to elect me prime minister” by voting for “a majority of ‘rebellious’ MPs” in the general election

Jean-Luc Mélenchon does not intend to stop at his third place in the first round of the presidential elections. In fact, on Tuesday April 19, in front of the cameras of BFM-TV, the “rebellious” candidate made an appeal to voters for the general elections in June. “I ask the French to elect me Prime Minister” by voting for a “Majority of [députés] “rebellious” and members of the People’s Union”, he explained.

The one who received 21.95% of the votes on April 10 declared that he would run for office regardless of who was elected President of the Republic on Sunday evening. “I will be prime minister, not by the favor of Mr. Macron or Mr.me Le Pen, but by the French who elected me”, he said in his first speech since the evening of the first round. However, he reiterated that he didn’t want just one vote rebellious” either ” given Mme The pencil “and pointed out that the two candidates “are not of the same nature”.

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Impose living together on the future winner of the election

With this declaration of intent, Jean-Luc Mélenchon wants to impose coexistence on the future winner of the presidential elections, thereby launching the general elections of 12th and 19th June “third round”.

If this coexistence “Doesn’t suit the president, he can go, I won’t go”he warned, saying he wished himself in that position sometime ” apply [son] program “, there “It is the Prime Minister who signs the decrees”he said.

“I do not negotiate with anyone”he underlined, explaining that he had not responded to Emmanuel Macron’s call towards the unsuccessful candidates of the first round, formulated on the evening of his qualification in the second round and since.

Contrary to what he could claim at the beginning of his presidential campaign, Mr. Mélenchon started : “This is not a mouse hole, there is a door, you take it or you choose the other”, to try to convince his former opponents.

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Gathering around his program in the parliamentary elections

The MP from Bouches-du-Rhône made a phone call to this end, while negotiations on an alliance for the general elections were started at the end of the first round of voting by the LFI with EELV, the PCF and the NPA and started on Monday “all who want to join the People’s Union, join us in this beautiful struggle”. He specifically quoted the NPA or even the centrist candidate Jean Lassalle, who received 3.13% of the votes in the first round.

Since that first round and their hegemony on the left, the “rebels” have been proposing to other political forces a union around their program and the People’s Union movement. Their conditions: no further attacks on their movement and its leader, and an allocation of MP seats in proportion to the results achieved by each political group in the first round of the presidential election.

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The socialists are excluded from this alliance for the time being “The PS was very clear”Mr. Mélenchon attack throughout the campaign, said in an interview with Sunday newspaper (JDD) Mathilde Panot, leader of the group of “rebellious” MPs. “ So there will be no discussions [avec les socialistes]and this refusal is final.” she assured.

In any case, during his interview with BFM-TV, the outgoing Bouches-du-Rhône MP did not want to say whether or not he would stand for re-election in June, suggesting that his choice has not yet been made. However, he argued that there aren’t any “You don’t have to be a member of parliament to be prime minister”.

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