“I said and did things that I regret today”

He was considered one of the most prominent Crown deniers, and after a legal dispute he was even allowed to be branded an anti-Semite. Singer Xavier Naidoo ran after many abstruse theories. Now comes the surprising twist.

In recent years, Xavier Naidoo has been more popular with gay people, the right and opponents of Corona than with music fans. A song he released in 2012 was criticized for being homophobic. He denied Corona, saw the earth as flat and appeared with the citizens of the Reich. With the war in Ukraine, purification apparently came.

Because Naidoo’s wife is from Ukraine and the singer has had to take care of the family for the past few weeks, bringing some out of the country. The suffering caused by Putin’s war of aggression apparently opened his eyes. “I had to deal with critical questions about statements I’ve made in the past, which made me question myself,” he said in a video posted to multiple platforms later. Wednesday evening. Events in Eastern Europe, his wife’s homeland, were reason enough for him to reflect on himself.

“I recognized some of the wrong paths I found myself on.
And that I’ve made a lot of mistakes in the last few years,” he said. He realized that he had irritated and provoked family and fans with disturbing statements, for which he wishes to apologize.

A reservoir of extreme views

Naidoo has been repeatedly criticized for his far-right songs and anti-science thesis. As early as 2009, he had questioned the legitimacy of the Bundestag and, in 2011, he claimed on ZDF’s morning show that Germany was still occupied. He had even denounced the then Federal President, Horst Koehler – unsuccessfully – for high treason. In the song “Gold Waagen/Goldwagen”, he alludes to an alleged role played by the CIA in the terrorist attacks in New York and London. He doubted the existence of the corona virus and even wanted to denounce Chancellor Angela Merkel.

“A central point of my character is the search for truth. If you seek it, you are on your way, and if you go in this direction, you will encounter many opinions,” Naidoo explained. “I got lost here. I opened up to theories and groups that I distance myself from with no ifs and buts. I was blindsided by the conspiracy stories and didn’t question them enough,” said confessed the musician from Mannheim. He also allowed himself to be partially exploited. “I said and did things that I regret today.”

The founder of the well-known band “Söhne Mannheims” now wants to part ways with his extreme past. “I distance myself from all extreme, right-wing and conspiratorial groups. Nationalism, racism, homophobia and anti-Semitism are not compatible with my values,” said the 50-year-old at the end.

It remains to be seen how durable the singer’s turnaround will be. Shortly after the publication of his video, there were the first critical voices on the Internet. Conspiracy expert Josef Holnburger wrote on Twitter: “Naidoo says he ‘partly allowed himself to be exploited’. But he himself broadcast far-right terrorist channels on Telegram. “There. With his He says it’s doubtful that “the myths of mass anti-Semitism, homophobia and conspiracy” can be ironed out again in a three-minute Instagram video.

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