Joyce Ilg provides photo with inappropriate knockout gag

Luke Mockridge returned to the stage this year but continues to face criticism on social media.Image: imago images / Future Image

Over the past year, comedian Luke Mockridge has been forced to retire from the public eye. Allegations of attempted rape against him, which his ex-girlfriend Ines Anioli had raised, were previously known. A gigantic shit storm then ensued. There were also investigations that were dropped soon after. Mockridge is legally beyond reproach. He is now back on stage with a comedy program and will likely return to television for the foreseeable future.

So it was quiet for the 33-year-old for a few weeks, but an Easter Instagram post should suddenly change that: His longtime friend Joyce Ilg, who also works as a YouTuber, posted a photo with the comedian and chose a caption that many considered inappropriate and insensitive. A number of users, but also celebrities, have criticized it in the strongest possible terms.

Joyce Ilg makes a rape joke – with Luke Mockridge

Last year, Ilg Mockridge tried to defend himself in a lengthy Instagram video, revealing he was in very bad shape and also saying: “Press, social media. What it means to a person when it all hits him. Luke’s had the problem for a long time now. It’s also because no judgment has been made and the matter isn’t absolutely clear .”

On Saturday, she posted a photo with him and jokingly commented: “Did any of you find any eggs?” I just got a few knockout drops. Background: Luke Mockridge also mentioned these drops in his previous programs and was later heavily criticized for it.

A number of commentators found it disagreeable that Ilg is now recording this gag: “It’s just not funny when you make jokes about victims of sexual violence. It’s so sad how you ridicule that…so obnoxious and inappropriate.”, for example, wrote influencer Diana zur Löwen under the post. “I almost died once because of a knockout. Not cool, Joyce. Again,” singer Silvi Carlsson added. After almost 24 hours, more than 11,000 mostly critical comments have been collected in the comments column, but also 21,000 likes.

Still, Joyce obviously felt compelled to explain her joke again after the fact:

“It was not meant to be a joke at the expense of KO-drop victims, but an allusion to the fact that Luke had this KO-drop gag in his program at the time and which was then interpreted as a supposed” evidence of guilt “. ‘. He has but never given knockout drops to anyone.”

Ilg was already aware that not everyone would find this hint amusing, but that didn’t stop her from posting: “My sense of humor has few limits and I stick to that. It was just a casual saying…if you interpret my statement further, it’s because of your personal perception, not because of this what I meant.”she ends up justifying herself.

Ines Anioli also reacts to the insensitive knockout gag

However, this statement did not contain the crap, but again fueled the discussion on Twitter, where the names Mockridge and Joyce Ilg were trending. Author Jasmina Kuhnke, known on the platform as “Quattromilf”, commented on the post as follows:

She didn’t even criticize Ilg and Mockridge’s existing friendship and wondered if the photo “couldn’t have stood on its own” without a rape joke. But she also couldn’t take Ilg’s remark as a gag: “There’s no gag…it’s just a cheap shot. If you want to make a joke of it: try harder!”

Luke Mockridge retired from public life for a few weeks last year.

Luke Mockridge retired from public life for a few weeks last year.Image: imago images / Future Image

Ines Anioli also visibly noticed Ilg’s post and reached out to her community during the day on Saturday:

“Some people are probably infinitely insensitive and use their reach for tasteless KO drop jokes. I’m incredibly sorry to anyone who is verbally trampled on by this. I wish you, like any other day, a non-violent day. . If you learn that someone has received knockout drops, please act immediately, such drops are no joke and have extreme repercussions.

She also thanked everyone who had critically and constructively commented on Ilg’s post and continued to speak of a “great need” for education about sexual violence.

Not Mockridge’s first questionable action

This doesn’t seem to be a problem for Luke Mockridge. It wasn’t until the end of March that he announced a full-bodied video on Instagram that took him a long time “to figure out”. At the end, he said in the clip with a fake affected voice: “Now I want to tell you something that I find very difficult” and mimicked his apology video from last summer, with which he announced his career break. What he had trouble saying now, however, was a tongue twister with which he announced his upcoming tour dates.

Even now, he only commented on Ilg’s photo with the phrase in his story: “Searching for eggs, I found the fattest in the scene” and did not participate further in the discussion of the inappropriate KO drop joke.


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