Kev Adams upset by recent Sylvie Tellier revelations? She answers and makes a point

On April 15, TF1 viewers were able to discover a new edition of Mask Singer 2022. And unfortunately for Sylvie Tellier, who hid under the chameleon costume, investigators Alessandra Sublet, Jarry, Anggun and Kev Adams exposed her. Once with her face uncovered, the latter shared an anecdote about the 30-year-old comedian, a subject she returned to during an interview Gala.

Our colleagues asked him if Kev Adams was upset with him because of his secrets. “I don’t know, I’ll tell you later. Kev, I’ve been following him about this for a few years, he knows it. And on the one hand he says I’m his mother-in-law, even though I’m not that old, so he started it‘ Sylvie Tellier confided in amusement to our colleagues Gala. And close TV starShe clarified that every miss is free to live the life she wants, that it’s just a joke.because Kev was very close to Iris [ils ont formé un couple durant un an, NDLR]”.”And then he often came to Miss France. JI don’t urge vices to interfere in their private lives, they do what they want‘ she concluded.

These are sequences that were very amused. Following the Chameleon’s performance on resist by France Gall, investigators were all convinced that Sylvie Tellier was hiding under the costume. “It makes sense that she came to send a message to the missing: stop dating Kev AdamsKev Adams had joked. And after Jarry revealed that the general manager of the Miss France Society was a very good friend, he added: “I know her less. Every time I passed her, she said to me: “What are you doing here, get out of here, get out.“A statement that did not fall on deaf ears.

When Sylvie Tellier was revealed at the end of the show, she clarified that she already knew Kev Adams. “Everything he said was true. Every time I ran into him I would kick him out of a room, so that was it‘ she launched. A revelation that caused a lot of laughs on the set and which the main prospect was quick to confirm. : “I confess that I didn’t know Sylvie at all in this regard, the comical respect, the chameleon respect. I knew Sylvie from: ‘Kev, you have to go home now, that’s enough.‘” he explained. And the contestant concluded that she asked him to stop scratching the window.

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