Lidl is a hit with this must-have accessory for less than €15 this summer, not to be missed!

Between Lidl and its customers, it’s a great story. Every time we find our happiness in the weekly catalogue! We tell you everything!

Lidl is the bargain king!

How to summarize Lidl in a few words? It’s a complicated mission! Therefore at Object, We believe this advertising campaign sums up our spirit well. Arriving at a blue and yellow supermarket, it’s hard to believe what a fabulous spectacle awaits us. First of all, the fresh produce is of excellent quality. Then what’s on the other shelves deserves a look. And for good reason, it’s not just food. As this article will prove to you, it almost seems like someone is reading our most secret thoughts, from decoration to household appliances. The icing on the cake, if we had to compare to a traditional store, the price is often cut in half! What are we waiting for to take full advantage of it? Let’s go, follow the guide!

When you see this kitchen gadget, you almost feel like Philippe Etchebest top chef. Or at least one of his recruits from his brigade on the M6 ​​show. There he came out, the Monsieur Cuisine from Lidl caused a lot of conversation among the competition. Its programs, accessories and other adapted recipe books have become references. From beginner to expert, we absolutely appreciate its handling.

In addition, after several epic court cases against the parent company of the Thermomix, Lidl hasn’t said his last word yet. Some time later the seat does it again. By changing the design a bit and connecting it, the technical teams pull off an incredible feat. Now remote controllable with smart speakers (alexia From where google home), you no longer need to move from your sofa to prepare delicious meals. It’s not the price of this engineering marvel that should hold you back. For less than 400 euros you are wrong not to be tempted!

winter like summer…

Dear reader ofobjecto, we have great news for you. That’s it, it’s official, the sun is coming back! After two years of the pandemic, we took the reflex to open the windows several times a day. Unfortunately, insects are also making a comeback. And for those who are prone to allergic reactions or just have a phobia, ruining your life is out of the question. Browse through the current catalog of Lidl, our team fell in love. Don’t move, we’ll explain everything to you down to the last detail.

Screenshot (c) Lidl

As you can see in the picture above, Lidl Put the small bowls in the big ones. First, she wants to reassure her customers. We shouldn’t deprive ourselves of our products because we have a small area. Easy to install, it is almost impossible to skip these new generation mosquito nets. In fact, we all think of those dusty curtains that haunt some hotels. This is not a solution in itself! When the heat wave enters our everyday life, we only have a dream. May a gentle breeze accompany our telecommuting day or that endless video conference meeting! Unfortunately, the insects want to make a move and return to attack. What equipment for sensitive and reactive skin!

… Lidl’s good plans seduce us!

Screenshot (c) Lidl

From the prospectus Lidl, this advertisement for mosquito nets at least has the advantage of being clear. Even in direct sunlight, they filter the light. In other words, once posed, all you have to do is let yourself be carried away by the magic of the moment. And if you live in an area that alternates between rain and good weather, that’s not a problem. They are waterproof and also have brush seals that reduce the presence of these pests by two or three!

Screenshot (c) Lidl

Still doubtful? Despite our last minute compliments, do you have any size requirements? Nothing beats a good picture to summarize the characteristics of these mosquito nets. Regardless of the opening mechanism of your windows Lidl asked its suppliers to focus on easy assembly. As I’m sure you understood, installing it at home will take you no more than five minutes. The only downside is that there won’t be enough for everyone. Go to the nearest store!

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