Logitech Lift: ergonomic mouse for left and right-handers

The hand is relaxed at a 57-degree angle to the side, according to Logitech’s Ergo Lab in Switzerland. This roughly corresponds to the posture during the handshake. The hand is already in this position with the MX Vertical mouse, and I know several people who swear by this bulky device. However, the mouse is only suitable for large hands.

The Logitech Lift is now a further development of this mouse, which is suitable for small and medium hands. It is made in several variants. Lift is sold to end customers, Lift for Business is sold to companies through the specialist trade channel. In Germany, sales start today, Tuesday, and the commercial version is available in more than 100 other countries at the same time. The left-handed version will only be available in anthracite grey, while there will be several colorways for right-handed people. We have a gray (graphite) copy for left-handers and a light gray (off-white) for right-handers.

The left-handed model is only available in dark grey. Right-handers have three options: graphite, off-white, and pink (retail customers only).

(Photo: Volker Weber)

Like other Logitech devices, Lift can be used with multiple PCs, Macs, or tablets. At the bottom of the mouse, there’s a kill switch as well as a push button that toggles between three paired devices. If you press the button longer, the pairing mode starts.

One AA battery should last two years. The bolt adapter stores in the easily accessible compartment.

(Photo: Volker Weber)

The mouse is powered by a single AA battery, which is said to last two years. The battery compartment can be opened without manipulation. Also inside is a USB-A-Bolt adapter that pairs with the mouse. You can just plug it into the computer and you can start without any further configuration. You do not have to use this adapter, you can also connect the mouse via Bluetooth Low Energy if this technology is supported by the end device.

The Bolt adapter (left) is not compatible with the Unifying receiver (right).

(Photo: Volker Weber)

Logitech Bolt is not compatible with the Unifying receiver, a proprietary technology operating in the 2.4 GHz band that was vulnerable via the MouseJack attack. Bolt is based on Bluetooth Security Mode 1, Level 4, also known as Secure Connection Only Mode. Up to six devices can be connected with one bolt adapter. A Logitech executive points out that Bolt is especially important in the enterprise sector, where high security and robust connections are needed in the crowded mass of devices. In the private sector, devices are more likely to be connected through the Bluetooth stack in the operating system.

The four buttons are freely configurable. The round button toggles between two mouse speeds.

(Photo: Volker Weber)

The lift can be configured via the Options+ software. Here you can store different mouse speeds for two modes, which you can switch between with the round button behind the scroll wheel. The function of the four buttons can be configured down to the application level. Logitech’s Flow technology allows you to switch between multiple connected devices, as long as the software is installed on all devices. In practice, this tends to push the boundaries between private PCs and professional PCs.

We tested the two mice in practice for four days. The light gray model was used by a right-handed woman who was already complaining of elbow pain. Getting used to the lift of a normal MX Master was very quick; After just two days, she reported an improvement in symptoms.

I am ambidextrous and used the left-handed graphite model. I find the hand position very natural, but I often relapsed as a trackpad user. I have short fingers and I get along very well with the height of the elevator.

The keys click extremely quietly, the surface has a velvety grip, the scroll wheel operates magnetically and locks into place. The biggest adjustment between a normal and vertical mouse is due to the shape. You can’t grab the elevator with your thumb and ring finger as easily as you can with a flat mouse. Even as a travel device, it seems too bulky to me.

Lift goes on sale this Tuesday for just under 80 euros.


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