Maeva Martinez: Her son Gabriel hospitalized, doctors helpless in the face of an unforeseen event

Maeva Martinez felt completely helpless. On April 17, 2022, the former candidate of secret story (Season 10, 2016) revealed that his son Gabriel (1 year old) was currently in the hospital. Then she revealed in detail what prompted her husband Julien and her to take her to the children’s emergency room.

“Okay, enough nonsense. Go to pediatric emergencies. Between nine days of diarrhea for nine days, fever and rash. What little he swallows or drinks he turns away‘ the candidate initially wrote Moms & Celebrities (TFX) in the caption of a publication where we can see a photo of Gabriel with a lot of pimples on his face, then another where he is sleeping in his father’s arms. She then posted a snap of the little boy sleeping in a hospital bed, with a bandage on his arm to keep him from touching his drip. “He needs to stay in the hospital for twenty-four hours and be perfused for hydration‘ we can read in the caption.

Shortly thereafter, Maeva Martinez spoke via video to explain the situation to her community, who must have been concerned. She said they were treated quickly and immediately the doctors explained that Gabriel had to be hospitalized for 24 hours because he was dehydrated. So it had to be infused, but not everything went as planned. “In the fateful moment of the Aufguss Unfortunately, there have been many attempts. Because the veins are dehydrated, they are shallow, very fragile, and not very visible. So he was bitten on both hands, on both feet, on the inside of his arm. This was of course done over several periods. (…) It was very very complicated. We ended up on nitrous oxide because it was too heavy for him. The doctors couldn’t, so they finally calledAnesthesiologist used to puncturing veins which he is not used to, She said. Mission successful, but even after several attempts. “It was hard to see him like that. Thank god it’s not serious, even if it’s impressive‘ she continued, moved.

Maeva Martinez therefore thought of the parents whose children are seriously ill and for whom the hospital is unfortunately like a second home. “The results are big flu and big gastro. All in one little baby. It is hot, the fever does not go down. I put a cold glove on him all over, it’s the glove that warms up‘ she wrote a little later.

Luckily Gabriel was much better today. The pretty family should therefore be able to return home quickly.

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